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20+ Technologies That Follow Top Trends In Software Development

  • Post published:June 3, 2022

Businesses strive to achieve a high position in the online marketplace where they can achieve greater success with fewer leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is always suggested to hire software development companies in order to achieve what was desired.

Nextbridge has committed to providing in-time, fast, and robust solutions to all IT-related problems and to set outperforming top trends in software development environments.

In this article, we will be discussing the software development technologies list that is incorporated by Nextbridge software developers, which are outstanding in terms of services and flexible in terms of performance as well.

Let’s dive in!

Nextbridge’s Best Software Development Tools & Frameworks

We deliver the best services by using these amazing software development tools and technologies that follow the most current trends in software development.

1- Native App Development

Do you want to know what native app development is? You’ve come to the right place.

Native apps are software applications developed in a specific language for a particular audience or platform.

Note: Hybrid apps work on many platforms, unlike Native apps.

Native app development has gained so much popularity in the fintech/banking or multimedia sectors for displaying superior performance. These apps are also extremely flexible and user-friendly.

We have broken stereotypes and created the best application designs for their beloved clients, considering the top trends in software development.

2- Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

One more term is often discussed when discussing top trends in software development. PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are Progressive Web Apps.

Web applications that are built on technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, and WebAssembly are known as PWAs.

As a web app or website, developers can publish their apps directly, meeting all the basic requirements.

Interesting Fact: Web apps are easier to find than native apps, and visiting a website rather than installing an app is less hassle (source: Trust me!)
Top Trends in Software Development

Below is some software development technologies list for you:

3- Javascript

Does anyone else not know about Javascript? It is no secret that 97% of businesses use JS libraries and frameworks to deliver smooth web-page behavior on the client side. It is the most popular technology for software development.

In addition, all browsers now have dedicated Javascript engines to run requests diligently and in less time.

Three sub-technologies are used to create single-page websites and applications:

  • MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node): This is a full-stack technology framework for developing dynamic and robust applications. It has three main JS libraries and a MongoDB database. 
  • MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node): We have replaced Angular with React in this technology framework. MERN is popularly used for error-free performance, a great backend, and solid data security.
  • MEVN (MongoDB, Express, Vue, and Node): In this technology framework, instead of using Angular or React, we have used Vue. It is another evolving open-source technology that is being used to create many web pages and apps.

Nextbridge is home to incredible experts who are serving the best in all these JS-ruling technologies, keeping up with the latest top trends in software development environments.

Make your website stand out from the competition by hiring an efficient Javascript developer.

4- C++

It It was created by Bjarne Stroustrup and is a general-purpose programming language.

C++ has evolved remarkably, and now it is generic, object-oriented, and comes with functional features to facilitate low-level memory manipulation.

It is included in the software development technologies list and is useful for cross-platform apps. High performance is another great feature.

5- Git

Git is an open-source and free control system with a distributed version designed to handle everything from small to large projects efficiently and quickly.

During the software development cycle, version control is a piece of software that tracks changes in files and distributes work among developers so they can develop source code collaboratively.

What are the objectives? Developers aim to fulfill the top trends in software development, such as data integrity, speed, and support for distributed and non-linear workflows.


Hypertext Markup Language is HTML. HTML is one of the oldest programming languages. It is used to display documents on web browsers. Furthermore, it is further processed with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript.

HTML pages are sent to the browser where they are rendered into multimedia web pages by the webserver. As one of the oldest software development technologies, it is commonly used in projects. The codes are easily implementable and understandable.

7- CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

Your website will look more stylish. BaIt is a style sheet language thats used for the presentation of documents written in a markup language such as HTML.

When it comes to developing software, it is considered a cornerstone language that works well with Javascript and HTML and improves the online appearance of stores and portfolios.

8- Python

Business and startups can choose general-purpose web design technologies such as Python.

Python is used for what? Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. It is used in web development, data science, and software prototyping. Python makes it easy for beginners to work with easy-to-understand syntax.

The Python language is now used in technologies associated with top trends in software development.

9- PHP

Since PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) has been launched, the backend story of websites has improved. Well, some people claim that it is better than HTML because if usage is analyzed, it is more powerful.

This website development in PHP language is offered by our company because it produces great results. PHP is a server-side scripting language embedded with HTML that is used to create and manage databases, dynamic content, and session tracking.

Get the world’s best web design and development services and make your online appearance glow with us.

Laravel: It is an open-source PHP framework, created and intended to develop web applications following the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern. It is dependent on Symfony*. It is added to the software development technologies list whose syntax is elegant and expressive.

*Symfony: A PHP web application framework that has a set of PHP libraries and components.

10- Svelte

You must be perplexed about what language is Svelte? But, not anymore, we have it explained to you. It is another open-source front-end compiler developed by Rich Harris. It allows you to develop web apps with a different approach.

Frameworks like React.Js and Vue.Js do a lot of work in the browser while the app is running, the compiler takes your declarative components and transforms them into Javascript codes.

Excitingly, we, as the best software development company, have an amazing talent pool in this too.

So, if you want your online platform follows the revolutionary top trends in software development, you can come to us for custom software solutions.

Software Development Technologies list

11- Jest

What is Jest and why is it used? It is a delightful JS testing framework and hence, included in the software development technologies list whose main focus is on simplicity. It works with different projects like Node, React, Angular, Vue, Typescript, Babel, etc.

It needs no hefty configurations for first-time users as the testing framework allows you to get amazing results with a familiar, approachable, and feature-rich API. Furthermore, it is well-documented and can be extended according to your requirements.

12- Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language that is interoperated with Java. It is a trending and modern programming language that has made developers happier. Nextbridge provides Kotlin development services for many clients.

It is easy to learn and used to develop client-side, server-side, and android apps. Additionally, it is concise, safe, and unique for modern multiplatform applications.

We always make sure that we incorporate top trends in software development environment for better performance and ease.

13- Blockchain

A distributed database shared among the different nodes of the computer system is called a blockchain. Irrefutably, blockchain stores data and information in the digital format electronically as it works as a database.

These databases are mainly used in the cryptocurrency business, especially for bitcoins. Also, it is utilized to maintain a secure and decentralize record of transactions in the world of cryptocurrency. It is one of the software development technologies that is rarely used due to the risks involved.

14- SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is a standardized programming language used to manage relational databases and perform various crucial operations on data.

Many software development companies use SQL to secure and deliver data operations diligently.

Undeniably, SQL is being used by database administrators, developers to write data integrations scripts and data analysts to run and set up analytical queries.

15- RoR

RoR is an abbreviation for Ruby on Rails, a cross-platform web application framework, written in Ruby (open source programming language).

Distributed under the license of MIT, Ruby on Rails is commonly known as Rails. As it follows the top trends in software development and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, in which the application logic and user interface are two different things.

Nextbridge has an exceptional RoR talent pool which makes it an undeniable fact that this software development company has perfection over experience.


.Net is a Microsoft software development framework. Interestingly, it promotes the controlled programming environment to develop, execute, test, or installed in windows-based operating systems.

Placed in the top-notch software development technologies list, .NET allows you to use multiple editors, languages, and libraries to build software for web, mobile, games, and IoT.

17- iOS

Apple inc. created a mobile operating system and named it iOS for its hardware exclusively. The agenda behind developing this operating system was to power many apple-specific devices like iPhones, iPods, Mac computers, etc.

We have numberless iOS developers working under one roof. We provide iOS app development services as no one else can.

We shape up the mobile apps while considering the top trends in software development (iOS) the most important factor.

18- Android

Android is a mobile operating system that is a real competitor of iOS and is based on a Linux kernel’s modified version. This is an open-source software explicitly designed for touch mobiles and other gadgets like tablets.

Interestingly, Android is more user-friendly, customizable, and compatible with regular usage than iOS. Furthermore, the android widgets and the way they organize apps are far superior to iOS.

Hire App Developer

19- Flutter

When we talk about software development technologies, we always have a flutter in mind. Why? Because of the trend, it has set in user interface design and development.

It was created and launched by Google as an open-source UI software development kit. The cross-platform applications are developed for android, iOS, Linux, windows, mac, google Fuschia, etc

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20- ReactNative

With React-native, the developers create the best native apps and that too, without compromising or overlooking your users’ experience. This is why we call ourselves the best software exporter.

React-native is an open-source UI software framework created by Meta platforms, inc. Additionally, it is utilized to develop applications for iOS, macOS, Android, web, and windows by allowing the developers to use native platform capabilities alongside react framework.

21- Internet of Things (IoT)

It is basically a connection between different devices around the globe, which means you need to stay online to connect through various pieces of information.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is well described as physical objects that come with sensors, software, processing abilities, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other systems or devices over the internet (or other communications networks).

IoT is always considered an important technology that is now the part of software development technologies list.

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22- Robotics

It is an interdisciplinary of computer science and engineering that is evolving over time. What is robotics? It includes the design, construction, operation, and use of robots in daily life.

Robots are created to assist or replicate human beings in almost every field of life by replacing hefty machinery. Some of our best robotics are range rover, lawnmower, and Baxter robot.

Intrigued to know more? The top trends in software development by looking into the software development technologies we offer.