NextDesk is a ticketing system for our employees. To initiate the task, these tickets are automatically assigned to the relevant departmental resource. As soon as the ticket is generated, an email is sent to both parties for review and action. With NextDesk, the employee can track the progress of the ticket and get reports on how many have been successfully resolved, how many are in progress and if there are any pending tickets yet to be resolved.


NextHRM is a Human Resource Management System designed for employees to track their daily attendances, apply for leaves and correct their attendances when necessary. A weekly attendance report, an employee’s KPIs for the year, his leave quota, and a view or download of relevant documentation, such as the employee handbook, are also included. Human Resources can use this system to minimize micromanagement and keep things up to date for better decision-making and increased efficiency.

talent forge

Talent Forge

TalentForge is a learning management system designed to help people with financial limitations access premium music tutorials. It is a knowledge bank that can aid people with training, courses, books and videos on learning music. Users can log on to TalentForge and take up any course they like and track their progress as well. The basic premise of TalentForge is to be able to study music conveniently without having to worry about all the possible barriers that might be associated with it.


Group Captain is a platform for teams to manage projects and resources. The application allows the team to manage ongoing projects, track their progress and status, view and edit sheets, and submit team reports, for example, daily activity and deliverables. In a work-from-home environment, it can also be used to manage employee attendance. It is directly integrated with project management software such as Taiga; this eliminates the need for employees to configure their accounts.

udhar master

Udhar Master

Udhar Master is an android native app that allows employees to maintain their financial records digitally. The app is designed to eliminate paper from the bookkeeping process. It offers detailed credit reports and history. You can stay in touch with your creditors with Udhar Master. They don’t miss out on any outstanding invoices and stay on top of their payback period. With Udhar Master, their financial dealings have become smooth and convenient.


It is a cross-platform app for both iOS and Android users that enhances the search experience of the Holy Quran. With this app, employees can find Quran verses either by reciting them or writing them in both Arabic and Roman Arabic. As part of the app, voice recognition is used to locate the Quranic verses. If the recognizer does not recognize correctly, if the verse sounds like the one in the database, it will be displayed. The user can listen to audio from the database for the actual pronunciation, and images of the verses are also available in the database. For a better user experience, English and Urdu translations are also available.


Range Rover

We designed and developed the Range Rover autonomous vehicle. The vehicle’s basic function is to drive around the golf course and pick up golf balls using the ball-picking mechanism. Any defined/undefined obstacles will be avoided and the path will be planned to cover the whole ground. The range rover is developed using Python, C/C++, ROS, Arduino IDE, Serial and Wireless data communication, TK1, Voltage Regulators, Lidar, Sonar, DC motors, Sabertooth, WiFi Router.

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower is an automatic grass cutting robot that will drive in any grass range and mow the grass using a cutting deck mechanism installed. It will avoid the defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground. It can be programmed to function on different terrains as well. Moreover, its robust design makes it easier to operate in intense conditions. The lawn mower is developed using Arduino IDE, Python, Arduino, TK1, Voltage Regulators, Emlid Reach kit, Imu, WiFi Router.

delta robot

Delta Robot

Delta robots function as automated pickers. They are used to pick and package products from the production line. For example, we made a 3D model of a concept-based delta robot to be used as an auxiliary for an existing Pancake Making Project. The concept of the design was based on a 4-axis Delta robot moving assembly that would be able to make pancakes on a hot plate. The 3-axis of the robot and 2D linear assembly facilitate the robot to approach the pancake positions and then pick it up using spatula attachments. The central 4th axis of the robot will be used to flip the pancake to its other side.

The robot assembly will have access to the complete griddle so that multiple pancakes can be cooked at a high speed and less time consumption scenario.