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AIoT Technology – The smart market segments

  • Post published:September 30, 2020

AIoT- The simplest definition for this technology is to redefine and reimagine life with smart technology. It provides a remarkable combination of artificial intelligence and IoT. Imagine you are are going on a road trip but your car breaks down in the middle of the road. But a smart assistant has already booked a mechanic for you because it knew the estimated time till the issue will become apparent.

Isn’t this mind-blowing?

artificial intelligence and IoT

yes, we think so too but it is also a cost-effective and smart solution t never worry about the devices or vehicles that you hold. It uses data as a fuel to help you bring all these amazing solutions. The power of connection is not hidden from anyone, but it becomes outstanding when all the technologies meet to create something wonderful for humanity.

Basically, everything, every device in your life will be connected. We will be exploring together. It’s going to be an amazing adventure.

AIOT products

Let’s unveil the power of a connected future of IoT together. Don’t go yet, this is going to blow your mind!

What is AIoT? – The Phenomenal convergence of AI and IoT

AIoT is the convergence of Artificial intelligence(AI) and the Internet of Things ( IoT), and it will gather data and use that very data to provide us solutions. It is the simplest definition that we can come up with. IoT leverages machine learning to interact with the devices and use data analytics. But how does IoT work? It uses the internet to connect with devices and transfer data to communicate.

A little fun fact about how IoT is making waves at a much faster rate than we think. It is predicted that by the year 2025, there are going to be almost 42 billion IoT connected devices. The future is connected.

Phenomenal convergence of AI and IoT

AIoT is said to be a smart network that unleashes the power of data and uses the fastest working mobile network 5G to connect and run smart devices. You’ll figure out the devices that we are hinting toward. But first things first, the question arises in mind. What are those amazing technologies making it all possible?

Key Technologies to develop AIoT applications

Well its nothing out of a sci-fi novel, it is as real as the day. Let’s get cracking!

Here are the following key technologies being used in AIoT:

  1. AI – It enables the machines and devices to absorb the data, learn new information, and process to act like humans. The information can be updated, but they can mimic humans. AI chatbots are a popular example.
  2. 5G – Utilize the fastest mobile network that is the buzz in the market. It will make it easier to analyze, process, and predict data.
  3. Big Data – There are huge piles of data, and to analyze that amount of data is challenging it comes to the manual process. The data-driven solutions can process that data gathered from multiple sources.

Take us to Neverland- Top Market segments for AIoT

1- Wearables with AIoT

We all are aware of the recent gadgets and wearables that have the power to monitor your habits and preferences. It also includes fitness trackers, devices that can monitor your heart rate. And the comfort of heaving wireless headphones. AR/ VR devices are also included in this including smartwatches, smart goggles(AR/VR), and wireless earbuds.

2- Smart Home – Connected AIoT devices

To see the direct impact of AIoT on our daily lives. We can take a holistic look at devices such as smart thermostats, smart lights, and other kitchen appliances. Who can deny the comfort of an instant coffee maker that leaves you with a hot brewing cup, just when you wake up? Smart TVs are also a wonderful invention, that can learn to understand the user’s preferences and habits. These devices help us with respect to our security, energy consumptions, and controlled access. Its the home of your dreams, where comfort comes with safety.

Did we mention the IoT is revolutionizing with smart appliances such as smart speakers? If you want to know more, click to take a quick glance at this awesome piece here.

3- Smart Cities – The future is AIoT

We all want a safe place, where we can grow our family and create more opportunities for ourselves. The idea of data-driven smart cities is also one of a kind. It’s a futuristic approach to creating a convenient place, that will help in urban planning using data. It also includes smart public transport vehicles, smart street lights ( how safe?), traffic surveillance, modern energy grids to streamline energy, maintain a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle, and reduce the cost of living.

4- Smart Industries – Trailblazing AIoT applications

The wonders of AIoT products continue, as we embark on the journey of smart technologies. With these smart solutions, you can leverage the most using machine to machine sensors. Effectively manage and optimize the operations, a smooth running of logistics, and seamless supply chain management with help of data.

You can cut costs on extra expenditures, unpredictable errors, and prevent workplace injuries. There are so many benefits of smart industry solutions to:

  • Automate Manufacturing
  • Manage Supply Chain
  • Predict future Maintenance needs and errors

Do you know? There are smart software systems and tracking systems for real-time fleet management.

The Superpowers with AIoT – Future Smart Market Segments

It is the best way for businesses to move from traditional ways to go beyond. They can leverage these technologies to enhance the customer experience. If you have a business, then you can use this technology to improve customer experience like never before. It enables you to use data to offer your customers what they have been looking for.

There is no slowing down, you will be seeing more awesome applications that will come as a result to combine AI with IoT.

  • AIoT is going to push the boundaries with data-driven devices such as smart robots for homes, autonomous personal vehicles with help of Edge Computing.
  • With the help of voice applications empowered with artificial intelligence, you will be able to experience the amazing outcomes of natural language processing and to make epayments with voice authentication.
  • You will get amazing resolutions concerning video analytics at homes, offices, and commercial purposes.

Are you ready for this transformation? If you are preparing, then gear up! The future of AIoT applications and devices is here.

The unstoppable power of AIoT

It will radically transform the way we interact and connect with our workspaces, homes, vehicles, and the infrastructure in the cities that we live in. It will help to increase monitor progress, predict to improve performance including maintenance and security.

Moreover, can also allocate the right and needed resources, you can directly hire a remote AI developer or hire AI engineer to drive a more cost-saving approach in leading a business. Isn’t this amazing? It’s easy too, start today!

If you still have some questions about the untapped potential of AIoT and IoT, tell us here!