For over 4 years, NextRobotics has worked with Robots to develop innovative robotics engineering solutions to overcome new challenges in the IT and manufacturing industries. Our end-to-end AI solutions, machine learning models, and human-in-the-loop systems accelerated the way businesses automate visual inspections.

Our world-class robotics engineers build and deploy scalable robotics solutions for you quickly and efficiently. They help you turn your vision into reality. You can instantly access a large pool of high-qualified robotics developers, all hand picked and chosen for you. We promise to provide you with only the highest quality results.

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Robotics Software

We have completed several in-house projects and are displaying them here to help you understand our strengths in robotics engineering.

Project Eye Landing

Project Eye Landing is a unique device designed to make flights more convenient by preventing emergency landings. It can be used by amateur pilots who wish to land smoothly on a runway after measuring the parameters.

Project Eye Landing
Range Rover

Range Rover

Range Rover is an autonomous vehicle that can be used to drive around the golf course and pick up golf balls using the ball picking mechanism. It avoids any defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground.

Forceps Sorting

Baxter offers a forceps separation service in operating rooms. It separates sterilized equipment from used equipment, after an operation is performed by detecting bloodstains, color, and shape.

Forceps Sorting
Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower is an automatic grass cutting robot that will drive in any grass range and mow the grass using a cutting deck mechanism installed. It will avoid the defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground.

Label Scanning

It automates the selection and scanning of objects (in this case injection fluid bottles) to decipher their labels. The label on the bottle will be captured and straightened, so the text could be read. The labeled bottle could be placed in its intended location once it has been determined.

Label Scanning
Beverage Pouring

Beverage Pouring

A beverage serving robot application was developed. Through its camera, grippers, and a stationary bottle opener, the robot will carry out the entire task, let’s say from detection to opening, pouring, and letting the fizz overflow the glass.

3D Wonders

Making 3D printed grippers for several Baxter applications has been implemented by our team. Examples include making pancakes and serving beverages. We have used 3D printing applications to create miniature models of our CAD designs to check their feasibility and strength.

3D Wonders
iPad Controlled Snowblower

iPad Controlled Snowblower

We developed this one-of-a-kind snowblower that could be controlled with an iPad. The robot memorizes its path during each round and after a few rounds it could run independently. This snowblower was built by our Chairman Mubashir Mian himself.

Key Capabilities

Intelligent Automation Services

Robotics Engineering Process automation is offered by using advanced and intelligence technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Process Mining, Intelligent Document Processing (OCT/ICR), etc.

Robotic Process Automation

Diminish, terminate monotonous tasks by automating human resources, finance, procurement and other resources. Emphasize and channel your manpower toward defining core competencies.

Process Mining Services

We are your specialists and reliable automation and process augmentation partners for offered inspection, business analysis, key KPIs identification, and knowledge extraction from the event logs.

RPA as a Service

Transform inefficient business processes and reduce manual work with robotics engineering services. Gain flexibility for your businesses without any purchases, license requirements, or time limits. Pick RPA services as a cost-effective option.

Technology Strength

We carefully selected the latest tech stacks which allow us to develop software solutions based on AI & Robotics needs.

  • Robotic Operating Systems
  • Apache Spark
  • Python
  • Tensor Flow
  • Embedded System
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Circuit Designing
  • CAD Modeling
  • Fabrication
  • Product Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Rendering, Animation, Video Editing, and more.


Robotics Engineering team uses the following technologies:

    • CAD modeling
    • Python
    • IoT
    • Embedded Systems

The following technologies are used for AI development:

    • R programing
    • Apache Spark
    • SAS
    • Amazon Sagemaker

There is a slim chance for any limitations to affect your AI or robotics project, but any possible limitations will be communicated to you during the development process.


The following are some common parameters to limit:

    • Labeling of the data
    • Unavailability of training samples
    • Adoption of generality
    • Improper explanation of model and challenge to debug

You will be able to work closely with our dedicated developers in your timezone and we will resolve any potential problems you may encounter. Any troubleshooting you experience during the project will be dealt with during runtime. In addition, we provide 30 days of free maintenance and bug-free support after the project is completed.

We serve the following industries in robotics engineering:

    • Healthcare
    • Research and Development
    • eCommerce industry
    • Business/IT services
    • Fintech
    • Construction
    • Logistics and Automation
    • Government
    • Retail
    • Construction
    • Travel and Hospitality

As part of our development process, our AI specialists will thoroughly examine your current system to identify how AI can be integrated into your system.