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Hope or Hype: The Rise of Flutter App Development

  • Post published:November 23, 2020

The rise in app development is not hidden from anyone and we all know that the number of mobile users is increasing. Flutter app development and native app development has also become very significant in this respect. Businesses that had no online presence shifted to online websites and the web-based online stores started launching their user-friendly mobile apps.

With the rise in demand, the latest survey reports that there are almost 2.7 million apps were found for only android users, and on the other hand, the IOS number came up as 1.82 million.

Flutter App Development – Hope vs. Hype

There are many world’s top companies, that are using flutter app development to create beautiful apps. Some of the companies might be your own favorite ones or the ones that you occasionally use. Don’t believe us, see for yourself:

Flutter App Development - Hope vs. Hype
Companies using Flutter App Development

Know the Advantages of Flutter App Development

  • Google created the incredible app that offers an open-source UI kit to build apps for your online business whether its product based or services-based.
  • Despite having all the controversies and challenges, it is said that you can build apps at a much faster rate with ease due to the inbuilt features within the flutter package.
  • UI Design is everything because it meets the eye before you meet or interact with your user. Hence, flutter gives you the power, flexibility, and control to build intuitive and powerful apps.
  • With flutter app development, you are not restricted and you don’t have limitations. So, you can build desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps using the latest technology.
  • You have the ability and power to use in-built widgets and create user-interfaces of your choices because you don’t have to build any separate designs.
  • Possibilities in the design are endless because you can achieve a higher customization level with the powerful layered architecture and designs.
  • It is essential to mention that code is simply compiled in a Native ARM machine, and you are empowered to incorporate the elements of your choice such as easier user navigation, attractive icons, and ready-made widgets. The design should help the user to make him feel like scrolling is easier than floating.

Once the development is done, it is often observed that you have to run tests on code and functionality in order to identify any bugs. With flutter app development, where you can run tests and catch the bugs to fix the issue on a timely basis. That saves you from any loopholes and issues.

You have great room for experimenting with help of flutter because speed isn’t the only thing that it’s known for. There are many features that help you to play with design and make it more customized. Isn’t that wonderful?

With flutter app development, you can use the different options of UI designs to add a significant flavor to your designs and incorporate smoothly running APIs to achieve better functionality.

You can simply install flutter on the possible operating system that is available to you such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Make it Happen – To Sump it

Since we are on the topic to build apps, and sometimes we need faster app development and that too on a quality basis. If you have an idea for an app that you want to transform into a product. Whether it’s a web app, desktop app, or even a mobile app, now you have the opportunity to hire remote app developers and get started on your project.

Flutter App Development

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