The Nextbridge ethos is centered on investing in its people and that belief extends to our community as well: be they the future crop of market leaders, industry experts or even mere enthusiasts of the tech world.

Xamarin Conference

Nextbridge was part of the comprehensive conference, to equip software developers with in-demand Xamarin-related skills — a hybrid open-source application framework for .NET. The workshop focused on soft skills as well as technical skills, which was attended by several of the technical developers and software engineers who wanted to gain practical knowledge of certain technical skills. Began with a session on essential soft skills for new developers, the conference later delved into technical topics like enterprise architectures with Xamarin Forums and on exploring Model-View-View Model (MVVM) with Prism. The dignified speaker on MVP/Xamarin from California was Dan Siegel who is the MVP/Xamarin Microsoft & Azure Consultant at San Diego. Several software engineers and technical developers appeared in the conference and gained practical knowledge and some technical set of skills.



The Nextbridge ethos is centered around investing in it’s people and that belief extends to the future crop of market leaders. Hence the The Reception Revamp Competition, which brought together students from all over Lahore to share their innovative and inspiring designs for our reception area. Over the course of the competition we invited students to visit our offices for an orientation, Q&A session with a walkabout tour and finally an exhibition showcasing the winning designs.


Nextbridge (Pvt) Ltd. was the platinum sponsor of SOFTEC’16 held at FAST-NUCES. The event hosted future programmers, developers and designers. Representatives from Nextbridge judged the Software Engineering, Robotics and Graphic Design competitions. Our Robotics division also showcased their Robotics applications and experiments in 3D printing.



Nextbridge participated in the 4 day exhibition at Lahore Expo Center, networking with both local and Chinese businesses. Our applications in ROS and Python were a huge hit with attendees and attracted many potential clients and partners. In an impressive turn, three MOUs were signed with ILP Freight, Bahria University and COMSATS.


In order to consolidate the entire knowledge bank of our employees and make it available to each resource, we set up a Learning Management System: Talent Forge. There are some 300+ courses and videos available to help in understanding the basics of different technologies; from PHP, MySQL and Websites to Technical Debt, Apache and using development toolbars etc.