Throughout our 29 years of providing services to clients, we have established a strong clientele in more than 15 industries. The digital solutions we have delivered to our clients are some of the best and most cutting-edge available today.

Here are some of the industries we served with intense dedication. Be at ease if you do not see your specific industry listed here. Every day, we work to unleash our potential. Designing complete and innovative programs for our clients is our wish. So, get in touch with us so that we, together with your help, design that software for you.



We build eCommerce solutions that are scalable and robust for your business so that you can adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. An eCommerce web app stands out from the rest when it has an engaging UI/UX design, and our in-house design team ensures your app is aesthetically pleasing to your shoppers. So, work with us to stay shoulder to shoulder with your competitors. We will create custom software solutions for you that will offer exponential growth and will give you full control.


With the help of our developers, we have been able to develop web apps that monitor a patient’s vital signs and maintain all the medical history of that patient. Our AI & ML departments have developed apps that detect diseases. We have worked alongside health professionals to create smart systems that help them to streamline workflows, such as booking, forecasting, and scheduling appointments. We know everything about this industry, hence can help you design and develop any sort of application or software.



We have created innovative solutions for companies all over the world with our 450+ in-house developers. Our presence in the local market has helped us deliver enterprise solutions that have changed the corporate sector. Our engineers have developed software for SMBs as well as large organisations where we provided software solutions that allowed companies to better serve their customer base.


We have worked closely with local educational institutions to deliver software solutions that improve administrative management and automate repetitive tasks.  Through the development of LMS systems, we have improved the accessibility of learning materials for local educational institutes. Dedicated developers have built scalable mobile applications that provide students with a customized learning experience. Our mission is to build platforms that provide students with accurate training modules that help them accelerate their learning curve.


Media & Entertainment

We developed media and entertainment software for our clients that attracted their audiences much due to top-notch technology, adaptability, on-demand solutions, and other unique digital experiences we used and provided. We have embraced the power of advanced technologies which is why our enthusiastic developers offer a variety of M&E development services to clients.


We have helped numerous financial firms, automated repetitive tasks, and eliminated paper from their workflows using our custom-developed software. Our team has developed algorithmic apps that predict market fluctuations in conjunction with clients. Furthermore, we have developed an application that can store and mine massive amounts of data that can be used for research and development in the future. These modernised applications have allowed our clients to remain competitive in the market.


Real Estate

We have offered development services to industry leaders in accordance with their unique demands. AI and complex analysis of large data volumes are used to develop technologically advanced applications. One of the projects we that we developed converts your facility assets into a digital web of intelligence exponentially increasing your value. That’s not all. There is another project that is a web-based application that provides all the tools & services required to manage rental properties.

Other Industries

Our solutions have helped companies across a range of industries learn about their end users, tailor marketing tactics, and measure protection against cybercrime. We have worked with clients from a variety of industries, including those listed above. Furthermore, we offer digital solutions in agriculture, recruitment, IoT, SaaS, sports, robotics, aerospace, travel, tourism, and more.