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Why Work With Us

why work with us

The recruitment and selection process is a central role for the Human Resource division. It is a method that includes everything from classifying, captivating, selecting, shortlisting, interviewing, picking, hiring, and onboarding individuals.

Many outsource their hiring calls; some organizations depend solely on advertisements, job boards, and social media channels to hire top talent for new job openings.

Believe it or not, finding skillful engineers was difficult for us too initially but onboarding engineers who would match our requirements and company profile turned out to be the toughest task ever. Now, it has become easier than ever to hire experts and find software development jobs for anyone in Pakistan.

After weeks worth of struggle in our early days we came up with a recruitment process at Nextbridge that now helps us with sourcing out the best talent for the job at hand. We have been religiously following that recruitment and selection process and it never lets us down.

When we were trying to refine our recruitment process we had to deal with the fact that it’s a time-consuming thing. Moreover, it’s costly too! But now that we have a defined Nextbridge careers structure, it makes the process more fluid than ever.

We feel delighted to share our hiring process with you because it shows how some of Nextbridge’s finest engineers and technology experts are hand-picked. These experts today are polished enough that they train and recruit the talent of their choice with the help of our HR connoisseurs.

How Do We Hire

Know how we find, select, and hire new employees to our company.

Since our hiring process is strategic and pragmatic, you can strengthen your workforce by hiring our engineers.

Telephonic Assessment

Online Interviews

In-house Interviews

Employing Interns

Telephonic Assessment

Online Interviews

In-house Interviews

Round 1 – Telephonic Assessment

The first and foremost step of Nextbridge careers is the telephonic judgment where the interviewer seeks answers from the candidate in accordance with the prepared questionnaire. The question sheet is organized while bearing in mind our corporate culture and the demands of the title.

Although our telephonic assessment is brief and to-the-point, we ensure to gather as much about the candidate’s nature, skills, traits, and work flexibility as we could. We try to assure the candidate is the right fit for the role. So, you can say it’s a short but in-depth telephonic interview.

Round 2 – Online Interviews

The second interview is held online via Skype or Zoom where the candidates are asked to turn on their webcams for better assessment. HR stays on the call as a silent observer and the technical chief of the team leads the interview.

Both the technical knowledge for the given position as well as the behaviors are measured during this interview. Our team doesn’t stay too casual during this round and appreciates if the individual is dressed professionally from head to toe. Interviews for us are always of high importance because this is our only chance to assess the candidate and secure ourselves from troubles later on.

The technical chief of the team asks situational-based questions most of the time during this trial to get crucial insights about the individual. This permits us to evaluate his expertise, abilities, and aptitudes for overcoming challenges on the job.

Round 3 – In-house Interviews

Further down in Nextbridge careers, after passing the first and second rounds, the candidate is asked to come to one of our centers where the HR team sits. Before we begin the interview, the candidate is presented with a test that consists of some questions prepared as per the job position. The basics of this test are to measure the candidate’s knowledge and aptitude.

In our recruitment process, we try to measure some key factors that are as follows:

  • Knowledge & Aptitude
  • Problem-solving Capabilities
  • Pressure Handling
  • Behavior

On completion of the test, the HR department arranges an interview session with the GM. He further assesses if the person can sit well with the technical team or blend with them to handle ongoing projects.

We try to make our candidates feel pleasant during the hiring process so we don’t arrange more than two or three in-house interviews in a day. After our in-house recruitment process, we take the candidates to our mess for lunch or coffee and give them a tour of the facility.

Candidates who make it through the in-house interview process are hired and then called in for an official meeting with the President of Nextbridge. That meeting doesn’t take long because he’s not very talkative. He likes to talk business so he asks a few relevant questions only.

Applicants who pass our first three rounds successfully are offered the job. A 3 to 4 months probationary period is granted to the individuals during which we monitor their performances, evaluate their abilities, and suitability for the job.

We compile files for candidates that are finalized during the hiring process. Their previous employment, educational, personal background, experiences, skills, in-house test scoring, the remarks of the HR team as well as the remarks left by the team lead — we record everything for future purposes.

One of the other practices that we follow is referral-based hiring in our recruitment process. Let’s give you a briefing on this approach.

Recently we required MEAN stack developers for one of our departments so we encouraged the entire company to refer anyone who they thought could join us. To make it more interesting and worthwhile for our employees, we offered a referral-based bonus. This way proper efforts were put in by our employees and they came forward with some great referrals from which a few potential candidates were hired.

Employing Interns

Our engineers are fit for any software development job and capable of delivering excellent results.

Core Method

Hiring Fresh Graduates

Onboarding & Training

How Do We Hire

Core Method

Hiring Fresh Graduates

Onboarding & Training

Core Method

We have segregated the recruitment process of hiring graduates and experienced professionals as per the company’s needs. If we have to hire any new resource we take the help from our established hiring process, always.

We have been blindly imitating this recruitment process for years because it always pays off in the end. The purpose of this information is not to brag about our recruitment and selection process but the goal is to make you aware of the efforts we put in to find an excellent solution provider for you. As well as tell those who wish to become a part of our company’s success how we select the talent each year.

Here at Nextbridge, we believe in doing smart work only. Though we have a crew that takes care of our hiring process; there is a separate team of individuals that design interview questionnaires before any evaluation is taken.

The process starts long before actual interviews happen. Usually, each year we pay a visit to top universities to handpick students who are about to graduate in the following year. Not only in Lahore but the survey is conducted in each capital city of Pakistan because we attempt to contact as many individuals as we could. You never know where the next big talent is hidden. Once the list of individuals is sorted, we ask them to sign up for their first screening at the company.

Hiring Fresh Graduates

The hiring process for fresh graduates that we follow is through a test that is conducted in a larger pool. As our university search program is thoroughly explained above, the fresh graduates go through a computer science GRE-style test.

To protect the legitimacy of the test every candidate is given a mixed test that consists of different topics. For example, data structure, graph theory programming, and operating systems, etc.

This is our initial screening process where a larger pool is then cut down to only those candidates who successfully pass the test.

Our pipelined recruitment process which we explained above is then followed as per the structuring.

Onboarding & Training

Upon confirmation, we organize an orientation program where all of the set rules, policies, and relevant information about our company is disseminated to the new hires. After the orientation day, the new hires are then allotted a work buddy that assists them for 2 weeks, makes them feel comfortable, and helped.

What to Expect

Our hiring process is a bit tough but it is designed to find the best-suited talent for Nextbridge. The recruitment and selection process is aligned in a way that every new employee becomes a useful asset for the family and maintains a healthy long-term relationship.

Are you convinced? Feel the need to hire employees from us?

Experience is everything and we wholeheartedly believe that. For this reason, we will design quality software to save you time and effort. Products and services will meet your needs. Portability, usability, automation, customization, and whatnot. You’ll get it all.

Not only do we focus on our clients, but also on our employees. Our employees enjoy a safe work environment, diversity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination, and more.

How visionary are you? Is your current workplace aware of your vision of an ideal workplace? Don’t you think you should work with like-minded people? 

Get in touch for software development jobs, if you think you will fit in.

By bringing in skilled people like you, we can reshape the way services are provided and work environments are created. If you are interested in exploring Nextbridge careers, we would like to hear from you.