About Company

We are a software development company that provides custom software development services to help startups, small, medium, and large companies transform their digital operations. Since our inception in 1993, we have worked on multiple development technologies, kept up with the latest trends, and demands of our industry.

Most of our work has been for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a mark in the world. In the U.S., International Checkout, which began in a garage, has been recognized as an Inc. 500 company. And guess what? Our partnership endures.

Currently, we have 450+ professionals working in two major cities of Pakistan: Lahore and Islamabad. Developers are chosen after a fine recruitment process that measures excellence and ability to excel. But that’s not all. Explore what we provide, how we provide it, and how you can benefit from our expertise.

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Custom Solutions

Do you wish to invest in a tailor-made solution? Do you want to get complete ownership, full flexibility, and total independence over your application? If so, partner with us for custom software development services.

We together with your support will design quality software and applications that will be made at your request.

Diverse Industries

Our services will not be limited to a specific business, technology, or industry; rather we cover every type of tech stack, domain, and commerce that is present in the market. 

We bring to you ground-breaking solutions using disruptive techs that are catching the waves, valuable software development tools for productivity, powerful programming languages for the flawless codebase, robust software architectures, and scalable methodologies that intensify the functioning of your applications.

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Talented Engineers

We have the talent that you are looking for. For over 29 years, we have supported, designed, and engineered diverse types of applications and software for small to large enterprises. 

To keep up-to-minute with the latest I.T. trends, we have a dedicated training department to help developers familiarize themselves with new technologies and frameworks. Right now, we have Pakistan’s finest software breed working in PHP, .NET (Web and Desktop), Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and almost all web and mobile projects.

Versatile Expertise

In addition, we have talented iPhone app developers, skilled Android app developers, professional Windows app developers, and more. You get cloud computing solutions, DevOps, product engineering, and other custom software development services. Due to extensive knowledge in the software development domain, intelligent strategy planning, and continuous hard work by our team, we are being counted amongst Pakistan’s largest software houses today. Keeping with the current pace, we are on our way to being the largest.

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Our Featured Products

How about you take a look at some of our featured products?

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simple job board
simple event planner
Talent Forge
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learning management system
udhaar master

Blue-Chip Customers

Below are some of our Blue Chip clients to whom we provided the best service and support.

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the new york times
double A
master control

By partnering with us, you get experts who know how to conquer the development of a variety of industries. Whether you want a construction business site, a healthcare app, media, or an entertainment site, all your requests will be catered to well.


Industries We Served

Health Care
Research & Development
Business /IT Services
Travel & Hospitality
Logistics & Automotive

For us, creating, integrating, and deploying truly superior custom software solutions means combining industry and technical expertise for you. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a vast ecosystem of partnerships with industry and technology leaders. View our partners and some of the accomplishments we achieved during our tenure.

microsoft gold partner

Microsoft Partner

Nextbridge is a Microsoft Partner with a gold-class Application Development standard. As a Microsoft Partner, Nextbridge ensures global quality standards throughout the development and delivery process.


Best Employer Award in 2019 by EOBI

Nextbridge Pvt. Ltd received the Best Employer Award in 2019 for promoting, encouraging, highlighting best practices in management, human resources, occupational safety, health, skill enhancement, and sustainable development.


Nominee for the Best CIOs in Pakistan by P@SHA

The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) nominated Nextbridge for its outstanding leadership in IT, its innovations, strategies, and delivery of business value in Pakistan.


Global Service Partnership with Alibaba Group

Nextbridge entered a Global Service Partnership with Alibaba.com in the year 2013 for connecting local partners with international buyers and we did it successfully.

Just recently, we held a seminar at LCC Official to help Pakistani sellers become successful in exports using eCommerce.