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Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry: Types and Importance

  • Post published:November 18, 2021

How can technology in the foodservice industry be impactful?

Don’t you think that restaurants have become convenient over the past decades? It is because technology helps the industry. It keeps its stock levels accurate, keeps the inventory arranged efficiently, and leads with greater accuracy. It has introduced modern solutions in picking up orders or delivering to you.

Now that the use of technology in the restaurant industry is increasing sales and attaining a positive impression, there is an impressive impact of technology in the foodservice industry to manage things within a specific time.

How technology in the food industry is advantageous for everyone? How to use technology in the restaurant industry? Read the answers to the questions mentioned here:

How is The Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry Advantageous?

Before opting for a suitable technology for your restaurant, read below the benefits of having technology in the foodservice industry.

1) Refined Customer Service

Technology in the foodservice industry allows you to monitor everything and manage products, employees, staff members, customers, deliveries, with ease. The use of an inventory management system provides stats and examines how much food you have or how much food you need for the upcoming deliveries.

It balances the customer ratio and maintains your food according to the average customer ratio.

Refined Customer Service

2) Enhanced Revenue

The use of technology in the restaurant industry automates the whole restaurant and manages an efficient customer ratio. It effectively enhances the overall revenue by automating the food ordering process. Automation means optimization that even reduces extra expenses.

Automation allows your staff to manage the inventory, achieve customer service, and have increased customer loyalty.

3) Stability

Technology in the foodservice industry causes stability in the process through machines like fridges, ovens, microwaves, stoves, installation of smart HVAC in the kitchens, and many other things.

4) Efficiency

Technology improves the management of restaurants with the precise amount of calculations that are required in food buying and making deliveries. Managers become more alert of everything and it becomes easier to evaluate the number of ingredients required on a daily basis.

Using kitchen monitoring computers evaluates food deliveries, time of a particular order, delivery, required time to cook, etc.


What are The Types of Technology in The Foodservice Industry?

There are a variety of types used in the restaurants in automating the whole process and optimizing it accordingly.

1- Use of Websites and Mobile Apps

After the pandemic, everyone started relying on online platforms i.e. mobile apps and websites. Thus, restaurants also opted for mobile apps and websites to maintain food deliveries and to sustain customer ratios.

A smart mobile app is advanced enough to help you proceed quickly according to modern trends and situations. Following are the few basics of a mobile app:

  • Product page
  • Menu
  • Table reservation
  • Filters
  • Order placement
  • Payment
  • Customer support
  • Status
  • Push notifications
  • Reviews

2- POS Touchscreen Technology

Have you ever used a modern POS (point of sale) touchscreen technology? Updated restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Hardees, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, etc. rely on this technology to improve and speed up their employee work.

It increases the trust and liability of your employees during their shift without having any interruption. POS screen is user-friendly and easy to operate with an intuitive design to interact adequately.

3- Contact-free Payment Methods

Are you running a restaurant and afraid of losing its reputation due to SOPs? Don’t worry, the use of technology in the restaurant industry involves contact-free payment methods for customers who strictly follow the COVID -19 SOPs.

Your smartphones and smartwatches are well-equipped for paying cash without directly contacting anyone through cash and devices in the restaurants.

Following are the two main payment gateways for customers:

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

4- Installation of Kiosks

Have you ever experienced Kiosks in fast-food restaurants? Self-ordering kiosks are a modern way of ordering your food without interacting with staff. It equips a self-ordering process with a modern user interface that is very simple to use and quick to operate.

The primary purpose of this device is to avoid direct contact with humans.

use of technology in the restaurant industry

5- Online Food Delivery Apps and Website

Are you aware of new food-delivery applications like Uber eats and food panda in your locality? Everyone does!

If you are planning to make a food delivery app for your restaurant? Read the blog mentioned below.

Food Delivery App Development: From Inception to Deployment

The involvement of third-party services like FoodPanda and Uber Eats are famous food delivery services operated online and supported by the actual concept behind the use of technology in the restaurant industry.

Your user can order their favorite food from the restaurant nearby their location and receive deliveries within half an hour without any contact involvement. It is suggested to invest your money into a mobile application and website.


Now, you can witness the use of technology in the restaurant industry is quite beneficial and categorized into many types. If you are planning to design a new mobile application for your restaurant, contact us now.

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