Life at Nextbridge

When it comes to attracting and retaining the world’s top talent, relationships are more important than perks. Because of this, we have created a company culture that provides positive, fun opportunities for employees to meet for personal development activities during company hours. Nextbridge events are arranged to celebrate special occasions with company members to facilitate good bonding, reduce stress, and help them get to know each other outside of their departments. Do you want to know more about working here? Take a look at how we create a gratifying working environment for our employees.

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Musical Night

As music is a powerful social glue, musical nights at Nextbridge set the mood, cues up key moments, and energizes our employees. We strive to give everyone an extraordinary experience and create a genuinely relaxed atmosphere.

We are presenting some delightful glimpses from our musical night that will make you want to get into the groove.

NSL 2021
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Nextbridge Super League

Nextbridge employees take sports seriously, which is why we hold an annual cricket tournament in which more than 11 different teams compete to win a trophy.

The schedule is finalized, logos and kits are revealed, and the finals are played at professional cricket grounds. These tournaments help us build a friendly bond between our people.

Cooking Engineers

Cooking engineers is usually the most eagerly anticipated Nextbridge event as it is an ideal team-building activity for us foodies. This master chef-style culinary competition is arranged to give our employees a chance to show off their creative abilities.

Here’s a glimpse of the Nextbridge cooking contest held amongst our talented engineers aka the Super Chefs!

Cooking Engineers
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Literary Society

During the literary society session, we enjoy a cup of tea with a group of people who have a thirst for knowledge. The members are invited to share their love of literature, good books are recommended, and ideas are discussed.

Each year we arrange a get-together to discuss our love for literature. But this time, we did something meaningful that served a greater purpose. We sponsored a child’s education in collaboration with Altaf Mahmood Foundation.

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Employee Welcome Party

We welcome new members with enthusiasm and great zeal. To see them taking part in some light-hearted fun to relax a bit is pretty exciting.

Take a look at the video that contains several wonderful memories from the latest employee welcome party and see for yourself how the event is celebrated.

Employee Birthday Party

Birthdays are eagerly awaited by many people. And if someone’s birthday falls on a weekday, they’ll spend much of that day at work. Because of this, we celebrate the birthdays of our employees during work hours by decorating their workplace, writing wishes, giving goodies, and cutting the cake.

An employee birthday party is one of the most amusing Nextbridge events. See for yourself to know-how.


Photography Contests

We hold photography contests to recognize our people who love taking pictures and turning them into memories. By telling stories with images, we offer them a chance to win an amazing prize.

One of our employees, Syed Nauman, won the competition for depicting an intense narrative in this portrait. All of his photographs were profound. Have a look.

Employee Health Awareness Sessions

Healthy employees mean a healthy business. To contribute to our employees’ health and maintenance, we hold a variety of health awareness sessions in which we invite and discuss serious health issues.

Just recently, we organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Session in collaboration with Chughtai Lab to educate our female workforce on the importance of early detection and prevention of the disease.

As well as a health awareness camp was arranged in collaboration with SalaamTakaful Limited where the resources were checked for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, R.B.S, and more. Check below to catch a glimpse of the camps!

pink ribbon awarness

Food & Beverage Department

At Nextbridge, employees receive meals that are prepared with strict health standards. In order to maintain food quality, the FMCG staff follows rigorous protocols. Team members are all fully vaccinated and wear proper uniforms while cooking and serving.

Check out how we prepare our food and ensure quality.

Sports Events

During sports events, we break the office into groups and arrange some friendly matches. Individuals sign up for the games and choose their teams. These events boost team spirit, productivity, and employee morale.

Just recently, we arranged a Carrom Championship. The fierce competition among all the carrom enthusiasts had us on the edge of our seats.