Turn curious visitors into customers

Turn Curious Visitors into Customers

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What is a good conversion rate? Have you ever wondered? 74% of companies say converting visitors into customers is their top priority. Indeed, ‘conversion’ is all things. What are you advertising for if you are not converting visitors into customers? Think about it, you have visitors, and analytics are telling you they are there, but these curious visitors are not …

Open Source Software

Open Source Software – The future of Predictive Technology

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Do you know? In ancient times, it was very common that a wise seer used to unravel a prophecy. Open Source Software with Predictive technology is also a modern-day prophecy made real with help of predictive analytics software. It is remarkable, that so many things are at play to make it happen. With the rise in machine learning, data science, …

how to improve workplace culture

Workplace Culture Part II – Listening is more than Half the Work

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Are you looking for ways on how to improve workplace culture? You’re at the right place! Our minds are like puzzles. A billion thoughts in and a billion thoughts out every day. We take these same minds at our workplaces and communicate with our colleagues and work on projects. Have you ever felt that daze where you’re talking to someone …

Font psychology and branding

Font Psychology and Branding

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In essence, your brain yearns for patterns; you associate with what you see and connect it to what you have seen in the past. Let’s be frank about it, communication is the key to everything you do. Do you ever think that typography can say everything about your brand? This is indeed correct that creative specialists attempt to express multiple …

Who is responsible for the rise of deepfake apps

Who is responsible for the rise of deepfake apps?

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Would you want to swap your face with any other face? No, yes, maybe? Well, you can think about the answer. Meanwhile, let’s tell you about a popular deepfake apps platform named Faceswap that enables you to do it, and yes we are very serious. Someone around the world can replicate the exact face like yours and might even dodge …

5 Essential Roles Data Science Plays for a Business

5 Essential Roles Data Science Plays for a Business

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Ever wondered what are the benefits of data science? This blog is your answer! People often say that mathematics is the language of God or the Creator. Everything that surrounds us has a complex mathematical code and the laws of mathematics & Physics are intact that’s literally keeping our universe in a firm grip. Take any business, be it a …