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Open Source Software – The future of Predictive Technology

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Do you know? In ancient times, it was very common that a wise seer used to unravel a prophecy. Open Source Software with Predictive technology is also a modern-day prophecy made real with help of predictive analytics software. It is remarkable, that so many things are at play to make it happen.

With the rise in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, huge bulks of data is run through different statistical algorithms and software systems to drive at driven insights. It has taken the world by storm because you can be prepared for what’s coming ahead?

The Paradox of knowing – Predictive Technology and Open Source Software

Many industries and businesses are making the most with help of predictive software systems and technologies. You can understand consumer behavior to increase sales and generate more profit. You can even drive more insights about any deadly disease and create a cure that will possibly help a lot of people. Financial scams can be predictive and avoided based on the data. It is a great way to maintain accountability and transparency.

Here’s an interesting fact that as human beings, we are inherently curious about things. We are usually eager to jump onto new things. The very concept of knowing about what’s coming ahead in the future is intriguing. So, it’s not like a fortune teller seeing the ways of stars. Its science and maths at play to drive authentic and real results from the gathered data. Therefore, we say that data science will reshape and take over the world.

Are you a business owner? Are you looking for a faster and better solution based on predictive technology?

Well, you are in for a phenomenal ride.

Before you proceed, let’s introduce you to a popular example of the amazing technology that is unleashing many innovative and breakthrough benefits.

Let’s Go!

The Buzz – Open source software and predictive analytics

Do you want to see a realtime example? Waze is developed by Google, which helps in navigation, sends alerts about traffic and even accidents. Now, that’s a breakthrough technology at work, especially when people are running at a much faster rate while they have less time at hand. Its just one click away!

More sophisticated examples of predictive analytics software and technology can be found in:

  • SAS Advanced Analytics
  • IBM SPSS Modeler

With Open Source Software powered by predictive data analytics, you can gather quality data in order to drive factual insights and results. Therefore, you can devise your strategy for the business based on the data analysis. It is also said that the market trends predicted based on recent and past data, and hence you can decide whether you should be investing or not.

Predictive Analytics Software – Data becomes future

With the rise in data generation, it is important to discuss the link of predictive analytics software technology with open source software. But, do we really want the predictive analytics software to be freely available as open source software?

There are many tools, software systems that are working under the umbrella of predictive analytics software and predictive technology leveraging data science and artificial intelligence. However, there is a lot of data production so maybe it can be considered that predictive analytics software becomes open source.

So let’s see what’s all the fuss is about? While you are at it, take a quick glance at the comparison between open source and proprietary software to make an informed decision.

Many people are predicting that open source software in the future, as its increasing popularity is a testament to the notion. Some even claim that open source software will rule over the proprietary software, as the industry trends are changing.

Let’s have quick look at it, to know what will really benefit the future?

Open source softwareProprietary Software
Developed and tested by the collaboration of a lot of people. It also keeps on changing, as the contributions increase by people.Its rights are reserved, as it is mainly developed for a certain purpose by a group of people or an organization.
The code is often accessed by the general public, it can be updated and redistributed.The code is not available to everyone, it is only accessed by the owner or the developer.
A vast open source community is involved that also occasionally contributes.A very limited number of developers and programmers can collaborate closely.
A large market is explored due to its open accessibility.It’s highly likely that the market is limited and smaller concerning the software.
You have the freedom to make flexible changes.It has its own limitations and restrictions, change may be an ideal scenario.
Examples can be found such as Libre office is very popular.If you have used iTunes, Microsoft office, then you can guess the kind of software we are talking about.

You can have a clear idea by looking at the latest trends showing “Open Source Software vs Proprietary Software.”

Harness the potential of data with predictive technology

With the surge in predictive analytics software usage and predictive technology, we can see its usage in various industries such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Scientific Research
  • Educational Organizations
  • Think Tanks
  • Governmental Institutions
  • Population and Development
  • IT ecosystem
  • Financial organizations and banks
  • Manufacturing Field

Create an Open Source Software of your own!

Once we know that we have gathered the data for a certain purpose, then we can analyze that set of data with a strategy and planning. With the help of machine learning, data science, and AI, we are able to drive faster and smarter solutions such as predictive analytics software.

Ever wished that you could understand the hurdles with help of data? It would be much easier with the usage of predictive technology.

If you have any query related to it or you want to build a software system. Don’t delay it any further and let’s talk today!

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