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Customer Loyalty – How Brands Can Build Loyalty

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We’ve all heard of customer loyalty but what is brand loyalty? How you as a brand can build loyalty among your potential customers.

Have you ever had a brand that you’ve been extremely loyal to? Maybe it’s your favorite clothing store or even a restaurant? You might think you’re loyal to them but the fact that you keep on coming back also means that they’re loyal to you. Loyalty is always a two-way thing; it can’t be kept within one side. As a customer, you can only be loyal to a brand only if the brand wants you to be.

If you’re a brand owner, then building brand loyalty is of utmost importance. In simple textbook terms, brand loyalty can be defined as, a consumers’ tendency to repeat buy products from a certain brand and ignore the competition that surrounds it. Continuous buying customers are something that can totally elevate your brand’s overall image as we all know people can get chatty.

It’s important we make a clear distinction between different kinds of loyalty, as they might seem similar on a surface level. However, there are many intrinsic differences between them, and understanding them is just as important as acknowledging them.

Today’s blog focusses on the types of brand loyalty and how your brand can build loyalty across your customer base:

Inertia Loyalty:

Inertia in physics means force that is produced when an object is moved across from one place to another. Inertia loyalty is a concept that is quite vital to ins and outs of brand loyalty. This is one of the major types of brand loyalty that is slowly introduced in masses. Some of the major branding campaigns slowly build inertia and takeover markets solely on the basis of brand loyalty.

How your brand can get some Inertia?

Apple is one such example that has a consumer base that is strong and loyal. We often hear almost every day that Apple consumers are biased when it comes to its competitors. This type of brand loyalty isn’t exactly run on logic, rather its most geared towards creating a sense of personal attachment and even superiority of their product. You can do this with your product by maintaining branding techniques across all mediums extremely consistent. Anything that is related to your product must follow a strict guideline of design. This is what attracts people, when your product isn’t betraying its branding, people will follow you loyally.

Pride Loyalty:

What is pride? Pride is the feeling of deep admiration or satisfaction derived from an accomplishment. You read that right! Some people have brand loyalty based on their pride. They firmly believe that a certain brand is what they deserve. They will go beyond limits to only buy products from that specific brand as it’s all about their pride.

How your brand can get Pride?

Building pride loyalty can be hard because it’s dependent on a consumer’s psychology or thought process. However, this can happen due to something like admiration of a personality or having some sort of personal predicament involved. For example, the tennis maestro Roger Federer is admired all over the world for his classic gameplay and a never-ending will to succeed. Federer has a huge fan base and they’re extremely loyal to him even if he has a rough day on court. As Federer is sponsored by Rolex, the company gets a steady brand of loyal followers that are loyal towards Federer. In other words, they don’t only admire Federer but they admire his sponsors as well.

Loyally Intelligent:

Loyally Intelligent is one of the three types of brand loyalty that is the hardest to achieve. There’s a certain group of people who don’t like flashy marketing campaigns or products that are trending. This type of customer base can be targeted for products that are sensible, cost-effective and provide maximum efficacy. These customers like to think from the head, they don’t show loyalty in the sense the above two categories show. They want a product that is the best and cost-effective.

How you can build a loyally intelligent brand?

Market research is of utmost importance in this category. You need to figure out how to develop a product that is the best and beats the rest of the competition. Going head-on with a competitor? Why not try ambush marketing as it will make a bold statement? People like when they see two brands going at each other, ultimately you will earn loyal customers only because you’re the best out there.

Loyalty is a bit like two faces of the same coin. You can’t really toss it and if you do, then there’s no loyalty left. You as a brand need to focus on your brand loyalty. Start by placing your brand in the above three categories. Once you do that, get in touch with Nextbridge and we’ll help you with your website that speaks brand loyalty!

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