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Font Psychology and Branding

  • Post published:October 21, 2020

In essence, your brain yearns for patterns; you associate with what you see and connect it to what you have seen in the past. Let’s be frank about it, communication is the key to everything you do.

Do you ever think that typography can say everything about your brand? This is indeed correct that creative specialists attempt to express multiple complicated messages, values, and ideas in the easiest form possible through brand and logo designs.

Most of you must be already aware of the concept of color psychology, but do you also know that you are also affected by font psychology? How color and shades can make you reason and act differently?

Font psychology speaks colors come and go out of style but if you’re deciding something based on the psychological plot like how you want your customers to sense and comprehend about your brand; that selection can survive till the end of times.



Test your brain; is picture A easy to understand or picture B?

What can you easily remember; a text or a picture? The picture superiority effect explains the phenomenon in which infographics, photographs are believed to be remembered quicker than words. That is how Wikipedia defines it.

For this reason, today’s businesspersons, bloggers, and salespersons use the phenomenon in branding to leave a long-lasting effect on their audiences.

Several types of research have concluded that fonts affect our physical perceptions. So, let’s deep-dive into the psychology of typography in branding; you must be curious to know how font psychology can impact your audience’s minds. It’s worth exploring, right?

phenomenon in branding


The Baskerville font was coined back in the year 1757 by its namesake John Baskerville who was a writing master in Birmingham, England. A name seen on the computer and read by thousands of people around the globe, he is the man behind that famous typeface.

His passion for typography was developed while he was carving gravestones in his 20s.

Baskerville slate plate in Birmingham library

Wondering why Baskerville is still the most persuasive font? It is a transitional serif typeface that comes between “old-style” and “modern”; a typeface of elegance and clarity. It looks very professional while com sans serif looks informal.

As per the readers of THE NEW YORK TIMES, Baskerville- specifically, was supposed as more believable by the readers. So, next time if you want someone to believe something, write it in Baskerville.


Having trouble picking the perfect fonts for your brand? The embracement of font psychology in branding and advertising is starting to become a field of research and practice in marketing.

Some fonts have been proven to leave a surprising effect on the human mindset; some are able to make people starve, or some to leave them angry.


Jack & Rose’s story is an epic tale that’s bursting with romance and sadness. This tragedy of Titanic gives you food for thought on how you can decide on the font.

Image 1: The font, color choice, and description give the idea of an epic romance and drama film that is the exact criteria.

Image 2: On the other hand, the second image does not give a mature look. It is giving the impression of an animated drama movie.

Did you notice how simply by changing the font type the whole impression of the movie genre is changed?


New to branding? Let’s start with discovering the most widely used font types in brand marketing. Get to know the rich messages they convey and the font psychology behind them.

BW MODELICA: A family of chic fonts

Bw Modelica is a geometric sans serif font family eminent for a minimalist requirement, most widely accepted for non-fiction book design and professional writings.


Bodoni: Sophistication at its finest


The font type is being accepted by the fashion industry at a rapid pace for its elegance, luxury, and flexibility.

A famed Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli praised the type as one of the six necessary fonts to be used. “Bodoni is one of the most elegant typefaces ever designed.”

Serif and Sans Serif: The most trustworthy, friendly, and powerful font family

The font type idolized by banks, law firms, and the newspaper industry. Historically popular as the top branding fonts and being widely used in Tech websites and social media posts.

The clean and minimalist family of fonts.

Serif and Sans Serif


Sarah Hyndman is the brains behind the ten commandments of typography, a book in which she talks about some lot typefaces, what makes typography so unique, and how to add life in branding.

A review: “A fascinating insight into how type can influence our feelings, our senses, and even our taste” Professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford.

The order may not be perfect, but the advice is:

  1. You shall not deform
  2. No more than two fonts you shall combine
  3. Too long or too short lines you shall avoid
  4. Good rules of composition you shall apply
  5. Of fake friends, you shall beware
  6. Accent marks on uppercase you shall put
  7. Abbreviations you shall learn
  8. Spaces you shall respect
  9. Fonts you shall respect
  10. These fonts you shall never use


Do you now believe that font types reveal your brand’s personality? Like we said earlier that font psychology leaves an emotional effect on you, makes you reason, and act differently. We also showed you how your brand’s idea can go wrong or right with the correct or incorrect use of type fonts.

You also learned about the top font types to use in branding. So, we ask you, how do you make decisions when it comes to creating a brand’s identity? Do you think your company’s logo defines your unique selling proposition? So, stop using inappropriate fonts already!

Are you looking to meet the expectations of the industry? Feel free to contact Nextbridge for help. We can help you select a font type for your logo that matches your brand’s personality.