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Losing your customers? Speed up your websites

  • Post published:October 14, 2020

Ever wonder ‘why are you losing customers’? You have everything in place but why on earth do they leave? Your business is going down the drain and you have no idea, why is that?

Just imagine you have spent hours of your time, not just mental but physical efforts were involved but you are risking the loss of customers; we’ve composed and compiled some expert pieces of advice into this comprehensive guide on best strategies for improving customer retention.

If your company is not evolving and others are; you will have to take a few customer loyalty initiatives. The goal of customer retention describes the need to retain as many customers as possible so that you can continue to sell, and achieve your business goals.

What is the message conveyed above? It’s SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITES…

For you to avoid crying with your losses, we are stressing a few key points you need to work on. So you can understand the true cost of losing customers, and how to make a strategic plan to avoid it in the first place.

speed up your website

Are you an avid online shopper? There must be one shoe brand that you wear the most. Probably it fits comfortable, or best quality-wise. Imagine your one horrible experience with that brand can affect your overall trust level.

Hence, bad customer service, poor quality, slow response, high prices, or even wrong treatment will cost you everything.

Your web-presence is non-negotiable. Understand ‘the world moves fast’ why are you slow?

You need to recognize that the patience level of an average customer is decreasing little by little. A website’s response time is one of the significant success factors if it comes to user experience.

Psychology behind speed

The Psychology behind speed

As per the latest study, the average load time for your website must be 3.21 in seconds. Your readers read fewer words due to the unresponsiveness of web pages. That is how users are tempted to click away.

Test your patience. Open a website of your favorite shoe brand and check how long it takes to load completely. Does it take one, two, three, or more? Check how your patience trembles and how your temptation is just one click away.

Now check how fast does your website load? Notice how your site performs. This is the benchmark that you need to set:

  • Below 1 second = perfect
  • 1-3 seconds = above average
  • 3-7 seconds = average
  • 7+ seconds = very poor
The Psychology behind speed


Does web page speed influence SEO in any way? It’s a YES.

Google offers a tool to augment the low performance of your website if you require a 100/100 score. Google PageSpeed insights identify any issues in your website and report back to you with faults. You can successfully analyze and optimize your website with this fantastic tool.


What is website speed testing?

Website speed testing is a method that allows you to inspect your Google PageSpeed Insights Score along with some references and improvement methods for page-load progression.

With this speed check test, you can get to know the excellence and scope of page elements, images incorporation, and allocation, etc.

Let’s talk about THE BEST free website speed testing tool to check how your site performs and to reveal factors involved in delays.


If you’re certainly dealing with low web speed problems, GTmetrix permits you to test your page in multiple countries including browsers, connection speed, and much more.

GTmetrix has a suit of awesome features that you can learn in-depth from the source given here.

What is a page load time?

You now know how quickly your page must load, “as quickly as possible.”

A page load time is calculated as follows:

  • One to three seconds: the probability of bounce grows by 32%
  • One to five seconds: the probability of bounce raises by 90%
  • One to six seconds: the probability of bounce develops by 106%
  • One to ten seconds: the probability of bounce develops by 123%


To take your page responsive to the level where it loads within the ideal frame is a challenging mission, but site performance has a significant impact on your customer retention.

It is crucial to comprehend that there are several ways defined that can help you achieve your site speed goals; you can always implement the ones you should.

Dedicate some time of searching through the tools suggested above to test the website speed results and discover what impacts your load time. Focus on those factors and take the needed steps to attain what you desire.

We wish you good luck. Also, you can contact our team to help you get rid of the problems. You can learn how to save your customer and gain their trust easily.

Speed up your websites