Turn curious visitors into customers

Turn Curious Visitors into Customers

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What is a good conversion rate? Have you ever wondered? 74% of companies say converting visitors into customers is their top priority. Indeed, ‘conversion’ is all things. What are you advertising for if you are not converting visitors into customers?

Think about it, you have visitors, and analytics are telling you they are there, but these curious visitors are not turning into customers. It must be terrifying, we are aware. But what makes a visitor truly stick around to your website and show more interest in your business? We say ‘a personalized website.’

Did we leave you wondering what a personalized website is? Don’t worry, none of your questions will be left unanswered. Stay tuned as we are going to reveal some cool hacks to convert website visitors into customers and tips that can boost your conversation rate within days.


A personalized website truly means ‘a website that resonates with a visitor on a personal level.’ Basically, you want your website to leave your audiences with a feeling that your business understands them, and henceforth can offer better services than other businesses.

In case you’re wondering, it’s just not a new concept or theory. It is a widely used idea to present your visitors with exclusive experiences custom-made to their desires and wants. Cause, in the end, your only goalmouth revolves around converting visitors into customers.


Consumers look forward to a personalized digital experience that matches the level of personalization they are given offline. In fact, several businesses name ‘personalization’ as a top strategy to address customers.

We have got three amazing tips to help you give a better experience to curious onlookers with a genuine touch of interest. It’s time to convert website visitors into customers. Let’s crush this:

1- Build your site keeping your target customer in your mind; of course you would not like to sell flowers to someone who is allergic to them, right? Ask yourself, what is your customer’s greatest need and what can they find from your website?

2- Transparency is important; it’s no surprise that about us or bio pages tend to be between the most visited pages on a site. This is why give them a chance to get to know you well. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make you stick if you were a customer looking for some help? Another great tip to converting visitors into customers is to add some professional photos or bios of experts working with you.

3- Testimonials; it is showcasing reviews or stories from real customers. Make your customers hear personal stories from your happy clients. It shows what it’s like to work with professionals like you, and builds trust.

So, do you support our ideas? The kind of technology that you have these days, website personalization to give customized user experiences cannot be a challenge if done right.

There are some awesome benefits of website personalization in 2020 to convert website visitors into customers. Let’s learn them one by one.

CTA (Call-to-action)

It’s a proven way to make visitors perform a task you care about i.e. shop now, learn more, book now, sign up, etc. A great call-to-action can inspire someone to read a take a survey, blog post, start a free trial, or sign up.

Take this as an example, if a guest visits your website who is already subscribed to your monthly or weekly newsletter service must not get a ‘sign up again’ pop up. Instead, choose some other CTA for them, maybe watch a product demo?

Build long term relationships

What is one thing that annoys you the most about a new website visit? Isn’t it irrelevant product recommendations? Your website analytics can surely provide customer data that can help you give fresh and only relevant recommendations to clients, doing so will improve consumer devotion.

Give a reason to explore the site

It can be clarified with an easy example; assume you like to watch product demos on websites you land on. But when you land on a particular website they have a way of maybe tracking your activities and you are immediately redirected to a CTA requesting to ‘schedule a demo.’ That’s the way to do it!

So, as we have pretty much covered the first part of our discussion where we focused on converting visitors into customers. Let’s move on to the second one.

What is the conversion rate?

Businesses create websites with a purpose that is to convert website visitors into customers; ‘lead generation’. Why did you make a website? Indeed, your website’s anonymous goal is also to earn the attention of your audiences! A conversion rate is the ratio of possible customers who visit your website to purchase your products or services; in other words, ‘the total percentage of visitors that go on to make a certain purchase.’

But, what is a decent conversation rate? Across industries, a landing page conversion rate is considered to be 2.35% to be decent, so far the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. If you wish to break their record, you can achieve a rate of 11.45% or higher if you could.

How do you work out a conversion rate? See further down, the description is taken straight from Google Ad Words to better explain the term.

e believe that these are the best ways to engage your visitors for an investment, methods to better convert website visitors into customers. These three-pillar points can help to boost your lead generation if you religiously follow them. Ways to do it:

1- Simplicity of design

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

First: advances the legibility of the website design

Second: increases first the impression of a visitor

Lastly: ensures customizability for future development

2- Visibility

As the name defines, the website’s visibility must be the way of getting found on the internet if a user searches for something that relates to you. One of the top ways to augment that can be to rank your website in Google SERPs or other similar search engines.

3- Offering

Your website is your acting face to the world, it’s where people come first to find you. Create experiences your visitors would love.


A website is designed with the sole purpose to interact and engage users. Through our customized UI/UX design, we can create a strategy, a visual style that will be tailored to connect you with your users.

We suggest you augment the look & feel, flow & architecture of your website to stand out in the eyes of your customers. That is how you convert website visitors into customers.

Let’s have a conversation about your business to know how we can help. Take the next step today to contact Nextbridge to get an improved look to convert website visitors into customers.

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