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The Secret to Humanizing Mobile Apps

  • Post published:October 9, 2020

Do you know what’s the secret to humanize mobile apps? Let’s find out!

Humans have this uncanny knack for things that are made for them.

Whether it’s an electric toothbrush or soda. The more it can fulfill human needs or desires, the higher the chances are that sales will skyrocket.

The mobile apps market is similar when it comes to getting those downloads. Mobile apps for business must be geared towards design and interface that’s humanized. Anything that doesn’t have the humanization aspect is bound to be a failure. Check out this blog to see how travel apps can be humanized.

Mobile Apps for Business – Why humanized mobile apps dominate:

One of the best ways to understand the mobile apps market is to look at things from the perspective of a user. We see every day that people are glued to their screens whether they’re driving, in a queue, or even watching TV. This situation is an interesting thing as it shows us a completely new dimension when it comes to consumerism.

The fact is mobile apps for business aren’t even tangible products. However, the fact that humans are glued to their screens tells us a story that these apps have connected to us in ways we can’t even comprehend.

But what is the secret to humanizing a mobile app for business? Is it bright flashy colors or some form of cool animation? This article shares some secrets on how mobile apps can be humanized:

Mobile Apps for Business

1- Productivity & Decision Making:

We might think that mobile phone users use mobile apps for fun or entertainment but the reality is a little different. It’s true, the entertainment factor is a significant reason why customers would turn towards using mobile apps but there’s another reason which mobile app developers forget. It’s the fact that people want to be productive in their daily life.

A simple scenario is when you’re going out for lunch and don’t know any good places? You’ll simply pick up your phone and Google it. Or if you want better results then maybe you have an app that is specifically designed to help you look for the best food places out there.

Productivity & Decision making are two facets that can be used when a mobile app is being designed. Mobile apps for business can be developed in such a way where you can actually provide some value in terms of helping your users to be productive or when it comes to making a decision.

2- Build a Relationship:

Check your mobile phone right now. You’ll see there are only a handful of mobile apps you even use on a daily basis. This is because those apps have been able to establish a relationship with you in ways only you know. As a consumer, we have different needs and a mobile app for business needs to touch on those core points so that a relationship can first be initiated and then maintained.

Build a Relationship

One thing that’s important in this phase is that most customers don’t download apps, rather they first visit the website. If your website is able to initiate some form of personalization, then chances are your customers will download your mobile for business. One of the things you can do is to make your website looks authentic and its experience easy going. With easy website navigation and faster loading time, you can accomplish this.

3- Conversational Language:

The text used in any sort of mobile application is as important as design or UX. The fact is people will have to read in order to navigate your mobile apps. Whether it’s some mobile apps for business or a social media app, your text tone should be conversational. One of the ways to engage a person is through conversations. We, humans, do it with each other almost every day. It’s high time your mobile apps for business also start doing this.

4- Natural Language Processing:

Natural Language Processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on communication between machines and humans. The role of NLP in mobile apps is quite fascinating and is one of the reasons why mobile apps can be so addictive and can increase productivity in numerous ways. The best example of NLP is voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

They have the ability to not only decipher human language but also understand and implement action. Natural Language Processing hence can be considered a gateway through which the bridge between humans and applications can be narrowed down. Another classic example that even you can implement on your mobile app is ChatBots. People often face difficulty in finding something specific on an application, with the use of NLP we can negate this easy.

In a Nutshell:
Bridging the gap between mobile apps and human beings is essential for anyone who’s looking to get a mobile app developed. The truth is application development must be humanized to some extent as it can help tremendously in many areas. If you’re looking for a mobile app developer who knows the skills and can create a humanized mobile app experience, then contact us today!