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The Haul: for Anyone Who Likes Cool Things

  • Post published:October 6, 2021

ReedPop, the biggest event creator, could surprise the pop community by organizing a comic con event but they chose to do something else instead. Just recently, they launched a fun virtual marketplace platform known as ‘The Haul’ that is a place to rejoice for the nerds and geeks.

Super curious to know what it is?

Let’s Learn What ‘The Haul’ is All about!

The creators of The Haul describe it as a ‘virtual floor’ for the nerds, convention goers, and fanatics of pop culture. They’ve created this online marketplace, a one-stop shop for buying comics, anime, collectibles, art pieces, action figures, and much more.

With ‘The Haul,’ you won’t have to go to eBay, Itsy, Amazon, or any other online stores to buy your comics or collectibles. Everything is made available for you!

ReedPop has stayed true to our core beliefs of always putting their fans first, creating a virtual marketplace platform like ‘The Haul’ was their best move ever.

The Inspiration Behind this Virtual Marketplace Platform

The entire world got majorly affected at the start of 2020 because of the disaster that occurred across the globe. Lockdowns put a dead stop to conventions, comic cons, and other fun events. Distressed as it was, the pop fans faced a large gap as there wasn’t much to do. Every event, every convention planned got canceled and it left a void in their hearts.

These conventions, events, and comic cons are a rendezvous for all the pop admirers. For them, it’s not only about meeting celebrities or attending their favorite TV shows. But, visiting different kiosks, buying collectibles, even being in that space makes it quite fulfilling for them.

Apart from such experiences, these collectibles or comics are not easily found in the market, at least the genuine and authentic ones… Haul fills the gap by creating a virtual marketplace platform that contains all the original and genuine stuff. It has finally become easier for the enthusiasts to fuel their addiction with the Haul.

Aims of ‘The Haul’

The Haul is not only created to cater to the consumer needs, it’s aimed at the sellers too. The website has a separate tab for ‘apply to sell’. This is dedicated to all those small business owners, artists, and convention exhibitors who have seen a massive setback over these 2 years. Now they can head over to Haul to get themselves registered and approved within 48 hours to become certified Haul sellers. You can open your store too!

The Haul: for Anyone Who Likes Cool Things 1

If Stuart from the Big Bang Theory had shifted his comic book store to an online platform then, this might be it. Not only would his business be running smoothly but he would also have a girlfriend and look less pale in front of the gang. Sheldon won’t be happy with this turn of events but the rest of the posse would be quite stoked about it!

What is This Virtual Marketplace Platform Currently Offering

The Haul is currently offering listings of art, apparel, figures/collectibles, toys, books, comics, gaming, home/office, party supplies, and decoration items.

What we found interesting is the tab: Shop by Fandom.

It has a great catch to it! If you hover over this tab, the drop-down menu looks as follows:

The Haul

The tab ‘Just Visiting’ is interesting too. We liked this page as it targets the audience that is into window shopping and free surfing only.

Just Visiting

Some words by the owner

Of course, the experience of attending a convention can never be matched virtually. The excitement level, interacting with different people, goofing around, meeting with celebrities, having a chance to sign your T-shirt/comic, that sensation is just different. But to keep the pop culture alive and well, a proper marketplace was lacking which brought the idea for ‘The Haul’.

In a press release, Lance Fensterman, Global President of ReedPop said,

“As our team at ReedPop moves forward with a hybrid virtual and live convention model, we want to make sure we are maximizing the scale at which these businesses are being discovered by recreating that experience 365 days a year. The Haul will get new and exciting products—including the type of highly-coveted exclusive merch only found at a con—into fans’ hands all year long.”

It’s exciting to see ReedPop who are majorly involved in organizing the coolest events all over the world are heading to the digital world and creating a separate marketplace that is consumer and seller oriented.

Our Thoughts

ReedPop’s “fan first” philosophy has narrowed the gap between sellers and buyers for comics, collectibles, action figures, apparel, and art pieces. You literally don’t have to tediously search on the itsy bitsy websites for such items.

We believe that it is a good initiative and it may gradually become the go-to store for nerds, geeks, and enthusiasts who love this type of merchandise.

Building a marketplace in 2021 is no laughing matter. There is no secret recipe that ensures your victory. Digital businesses are not confined to just selling or buying but, they are using some serious tech that makes the exchange of goods and services available.

So, how to bring real disruption to this sector? What is the best way to build a marketplace in 2021? Contact us to get the answers to your confusion!