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Play Online Games Remotely – Play Together, Stay Together!

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How do you stay connected with loved ones? Recently the searches for ‘online games to play with your friends’ went up because people wanted to stay connected even while isolating. No matter alluring the idea of solitude and ‘me time’ is, you definitely miss human connections. Once you are miles apart and you don’t have the luxury to meet in person, video conferencing tools can be the best way to play and stay together with your loved ones and friends.

With the rise in online games, it is also noticed that there are incoming games and remote online games that you can just go online and play keeping in view your own convenience.

A little heads up though, we are not only going to talk about how to play online games remotely but also discuss the options that can benefit you.

Aren’t you thrilled to find out more? Because we are, seems like Saturday night is going to be lit over zoom, or who knows any other platform?

So Let’s find out more!

The Rise in Online Games to Play with friends remotely

The online game apps rose to popularity in recent times, when the users for mobile apps increased. Although many people compare online games to e-sports, they are two different things. Where you can play online mobile games, video games, console games, and pc games with your friend over the internet. E-sports is known as one of the most important categories reserved for professional players.

Here, we are going to uncover how people around the globe are playing online games remotely to stay connected?

With the rise in online remote games played with help of video conferencing tools, people started playing games with co-workers, friends, fellow students while remotely studying, and also on the internet in general. It would not be wrong to say that for the first time, online games were being played online not just to kill time but to remain interconnected.

According to a recent report by Statista, it was revealed that the market revenue predicted for the year 2021 is $ 23,582 million and it will increase by a major % in the year 2025. Please bear in mind that this is just for online games. The gaming industry has been through a lot of transformational phases, which also includes the rise in popularity of high-quality virtual reality games, cloud computing game platforms, and console games. You’d be surprised to know that as per recent numbers, the online games industry makes up 45% of the total market share. You can look at the numbers below to visualize the analysis as well.

Up your Game with Online Games to play with friends over zoom

Are you looking to play games over zoom with friends? Do you want to stay connected with your family and friends while playing games? Well, here you go with the best possible options.

1- Quiplash

It is the game that would give your brain a jolt to be attentive and also remind you of MadLibs. If you are playing this game, you can share the screen and play with almost 3- 9 players at the same time. Isn’t it interesting? Some learning and some play. You can play it on Amazon Fire TV, Mac, Apple Tv, etc.

2- Darwful2

Do you consider yourself an artsy person? Do you like doodling and drawing in your spare time? Well, we think and studies agree that drawing and doodling can really help you brainstorm some smart and crazy ideas. With this game, you can do it and share your screen to add multiplayer. It is also considered one of the popular games from jackboxgames, and also play on your desired device such as tablets, PlayStation and Apple TV, etc.

3- Trivia

This would be our favorite one. Because, it gets everyone to stand on their toes, and not only the thrill of winning but you get to learn so much about so many things. Basically what you do is, you can select trivia from given categories such as General Knowledge, Dictionary, Entertainment, Food and Drink, History, Geography, Science, and Nature.

So once you start playing the game, here is what your screen looks like. See below!

4- Among us

Have you ever wanted to visit other planets and galaxies? It means that you can visit the other alien places with your team of players in a spaceship. The main mission in this game is to return back safely to the Earth. Would you care to venture on this journey?

5- MarioKart Tour

If you like racing, then this is the best game to play online or over video conferencing tools with your friends, family, or even co-workers. In this game, you will be able to play and race against multiple players.

Take the Next step – Make your own online game

They say that you can create your own fate by working to make your dreams come true. Since you know that you can make it happen anytime. Why not just jump into the gaming market? Why not make your mark, because the timing is right and market demands keep on soaring. But you can consult with professionals as well before jumping with a blindfold on. We don’t want that, do we?

Not many people know this but upon asking a game developer, he revealed that ‘ a good game developer has to be a good gameplay as well.’ We have at your disposal one of the most logical and sharp minds with our expert developers on board, who will play the idea into a prototype to see if it works. Now, you see that it’s not all fun and games, you can just jump into the online games market by creating your own online games.

Seeing the numbers and the recent trends, we know that online games are not going anytime soon. There are industry segments that can use these fun games, so if you have been cooking up an idea. You can transform that idea into a full-fledged game by hiring remote developers. Who can help you create commercial game apps, that you can launch in the market to play over the conferencing tools such as zoom etc?

Are you up for it? Well great, let’s not keep it to the gods of fate and do something about it.

Don’t put it on a halt, and let’s talk today!

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