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Snapchat Stories Allow Collaboration with Friends of Friends

According to a news source, Snapchat has introduced a new feature in their custom story settings that allow users to engage more people.

Snapchat previously restricted the number of friends who could view and contribute to your daily stories. Its new feature is called ‘Shared Stories’, which allows users to allow their friends to add their friends.

Snapchat says it is easier for “soccer teams, camp squads, or new workers to participate in the fun”.

Shared stories are similar to regular ones, but have a few key differences:

  • The purpose of Shared Stories is to share stories within communities only and there is no chat functionality.
  • The stories are visible for 24 hours, just like the regular ones
  • For safety reasons, Snapchat Shared Stories also use automatic language detection
  • In the event that you join a Shared Story with someone you have blocked, you will receive a notification
  • If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the Story with others, you can leave it anytime

That is how Snapchat is improving day by day and maintaining its market presence with its new updates. Snapchat has promised to introduce many new features in the future.

Their creative team targets audience interests and introduces similar inventions so as to engage people. Recently, they introduced a new tool called ‘Director Mode’, which offers users creator-friendly editing features.