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Microsoft Edge Snuck Past Safari with the 10.11% Market Share

Microsoft Internet Explorer, an older version of Microsoft Edge, was a joke to everyone due to its speed and multiple bugs. Many tech giants take it as a challenge and improve it to its fullest with a new update of Microsoft Edge.

Last month, Microsoft Edge becomes more popular than the Safari browser and attain the second largest market share of 10.11% as a desktop browser. First time in its history, Microsoft Edge is leading its share from the previous month i.e. 9.65% among the competitors.

While competing with Safari, Microsoft edge has broken the records this month by dropping 9.16% of the share in the market. Last month, Safari got 9.57% of the share result, and Microsoft was 0.08% behind them. Now analyst predicts that the current market ratio leads its position to secure a second place in the market.

After its gradual growth, Microsoft Edge is now grooming gradually in the mobile browser market. Microsoft Edge’s mobile version barely witnesses any usage, thus generating a total market share of 3.99%. Safari in the mobile market caters with a 27.78% market share which makes its overall share 19% or 19.03% precisely.

Google chrome is a top-rated mobile browser and leading the first position in the market. It leads to an approximation of 63.5% to 64.7% share of desktop browsers and 64.91% overall.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

This stats ration has concluded that the chrome is still leading the market whereas the position of Microsoft Edge is the second place on the desktop and on mobile, it’s still compromising. Microsoft Edge might not be willing to become a part of the mobile market.