MoEYs eLearning programme earned 140,000 registrations in just a day

MoEYs eLearning programme: How this App Earned 140,000 Registers in just a Day

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MoEYs eLearning programme is an app that was launched on May 7th by The Ministry and The Union Youth Federation of Cambodia and it pulled in 140,000 registrations in just a day which is epic!

In a world where many believe that eLearning is killing education, how come this particular app earned this many enrollments?

Dr. Aaron Barth, thought-leader and President of Dialectic believes that

if you ditch conventional eLearning’s clicky gimmicks and focus on science-backed design principles and powerful human stories, your training will shift from tedious to transformative.

These are his words, not ours!

Reversing it we have Bill Gates who trusts that “by 2023, online courses can bring wildly better education to anyone with a smartphone or tablet.”

So, who wins the debate as per you, Dr. Aaron or Mr. Bill Gates?

As per our understanding, the MoEYs eLearning programme wins the debate!

MoEYs eLearning programme


Do you know how much money is spent on education worldwide? You wouldn’t care to search for it! But, we have to make one comment that you would really care to hear.

“Please know that you give more money to education than any other cause.”

As claimed by the OECD, Norway spends the largest share of its GDP on education, and Russia spends only 3.4 percent. These numbers were collected in the year 2020.

According to the U.S Public Education Spending report:

  1. K-12 schools devote $612.7 billion, or $12,612 per pupil, per annum.
  2. The Federal, State, and Local Governments pay out $720.9 billion, or $14,840 per pupil to fund K-12 public education.
  3. The Federal Government offers 7.7percent of funding for public education, State Local gives 46.7 percent and 45.6 percent approximately.
  4. The U.S contributes an average of $15,908 per pupil in postsecondary education and $33,063 on postgraduate education.
  5. The Nation’s Gross Domestic Product flourishes 71.6% quicker than public education spending.

It seems like every child in America is given a chance to thrive in education and make the most out of their lives. It’s not like only the Americans are focused on giving their children the best education. Students worldwide are passionately completing their education, even under worldwide panic.

As blended learning is on the rise; 34% of the US institutions plan to run classes online, 21% in hybrid format, 23% primarily in person, and 4% fully in-person.

As per the Educational Data Org, the eLearning industry is believed to pass $370 billion by 2026. The stats are astonishingly impressive!

MoEYs App

MoEYs eLearning programme

Coming back to our discussion on MoEYs eLearning programme, the application is built to assist students who are forced to study at home, as schools remain closed during the panic.

The app encloses video tutorials that are educated by the Ministry-certified Instructors. The videos are easy-to-download, complete textbooks are provided, there are quizzes as well. Also, there is a progress tracking tool that permits teachers to measure the progress of their students as they study.

The UFC President Hun Many say that MoEYs eLearning programme will be a programme that is suitable for all students. Here is a review from Srey Deth who is one of the users of this app:

“When we have this app, we seem to have a ‘teacher’ to help us all the time. This app is very helpful for students who need to study online during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown,”


“Distance learning has become so much easier with the video lessons, as children can learn and access the materials anytime through MoEYS’s Facebook page and Techo TV”

the mother of Sao Sovanna, a Grade 2 student in Siem Reap province