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Do this when you miss a deadline

5 Things to Do When You Miss a Deadline

  • Post published:September 16, 2022

“It leaves a bad taste when you miss a deadline. But when it happens, human error is everywhere; it can be lessoned down following these steps to minimise the damage and keep your clients happy.”

It’s okay to miss the deadline. Everything is fair regarding human error; our minds think in all circumstances, so it’s OK to miss or forget a meeting or deliver an update, but it’s not good to completely forget about it.

Human errors have the capability to sort them out in the best way possible. Therefore, it’s our duty to correct those mistakes and develop a better one to un-repeat the previous one.

Human error, in a business model, things can be tough and might be forgettable in achieving such milestones.

Things to do when you miss a deadline
Things to do when you miss a deadline

So, what are the ways to counter them and lead towards minor errors and a more scheduled and productive path?

NextBridge Ltd presents you with some significant points, helping you understand in the easiest way possible.

Provide an Update

Notifying clients strengthens the bond and deletes all the negative thoughts that could hit your client’s mind. Therefore, it’s not stupid to email or Skype the client for next week’s meeting, also updating him/her before a day as a reminder.

Early contact and earlier response is the best way to portray a classic image of your company in your client’s eyes. Make sure to get the update using the best possible channel: Slack, Skype, or even a phone call.

Clarify the Reason for the Delay

Remember, every project differs from one another, and so is its deadline and updating procedure. It’s essential to explain why you missed the deadline gently and politely; never rush for long technical details; it could divert the client’s attention negatively and make an opposite mindset for your services.

Try to explain with a solid reason about the deadlines, and never say, “Sorry for the delay, this happened because of the employee’s vacation plans, or something like that” this can cause a hard time for clients to forget your poor performance explanation.

You can say, “You may have to wait a few days longer than expected during the research stage of this project. Is there any chance we can extend this weekend’s deadline to next week’s?”

Make an Immediate Commitment to a Deadline

Consider delivering the project before notifying your client about a missed deadline. Your team shouldn’t be forced to rush to deliver the project due to the new deadline. If you deliver work late and to a low-quality standard, your clients will not be too happy.

Make sure your client understands your proposal once you confirm it internally.

Take Responsibility for your Actions and Apologise

You are inconveniencing your clients by missing a deadline most of the time. Your client must know you are serious about the work and your relationship; if you miss a deadline, that will cost them time or money.

Things to do when you miss a deadline
Things to do when you miss a deadline

It is a good idea to give some kind of compensation to your clients for the inconvenience. Perhaps it’s offering a free service or discounting next month’s services. Following the completion of the delayed project, you can consider many add-ons.

Be Careful in the Future

Treat the situation as a learning opportunity if your team misses a deadline. The problem with the project needs to be discussed with your team. Were your estimates of time and resources accurate? Were you unable to meet your deadline? Are there any spaces between communicating with teams and the clients?

Professionalism lies in identifying problematic areas, helping teams focus more and dig for golden solutions, and avoiding mistakes for the future. Paid tools help organize projects and client communications and set automatic reminders to prevent project delays.