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ICONIC TECH: Say Hello to the Future of Hologram Technology

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3D technology has taken you to an alien world in the movies, soon your doctor will be inside your bodies for examination. This is the future of hologram technology!

Could you imagine a doctor performing surgery on a holographic image of you? Weird but just to avoid errors, medical holograms will be a part of surgical equipment. Advanced hologram technology will allow surgeons to inspect heart and other serious conditions without tearing you apart. It could be a pretty neat way for you to know what exactly the doctor would treat.

The world has been obsessed with creating more natural and realistic images. The way hologram technology is going forward, it may be closer than ever to creating some of the iconic techs in sci-fi history. 

You must have seen hologram technology in the Hollywood movies starting from Star Wars, Iron Man, and recently in Black Panther. So, what exactly a hologram is? It is a 3-dimensional virtual object that isn’t there but it appears like it is. You notice the object either floating in front of you or standing in the air on a surface.

In this blog, you are given the opportunity to learn about the future of hologram technology and what you can expect from it. A new holographic reality that you cannot imagine.

German circus gave a cruelty-free enchanted experience by presenting animal acts using hologram

Circuses may be fun for you, but they are no fun for animals. There is plenty of cruelty involved, abusive training, and harsh handling practices on repetition. Almost 30-minutes of beating is described as a casual routine that leaves the animals badly wounded. They spend their entire lives in captivity, know nothing of human affection, stressful environment all the time, also often the whole act is performed out of fear – fear of being whipped. 

Media director of Circus Roncalli says, “We have decided against the animals for the benefit of the animals.” If you watch a recording of the live show below, you can notice how beautifully the traditional acts are being performed by holographic animals. 

At first, you will see horses made of gold dust walking in a circle and then an elephant performing acts. Him flapping his ears, trunk raising – the environment is too realistic to accept. It will leave you thinking is ‘there such a thing too immersive’.

Envision if you witness polar bears playing with their cubs, dolphins waddling onto icy surfaces, and not just trick photography but interactive holograms of dinosaurs. T-Rex fan anyone? Soon there will be a whole zoo of holographic animals. This is truly the future of hologram technology.

NHS staff being given the best training, thanks to mixed reality

In the UK, NHS doctors and nurses are being given the training to face the front line with the help of interactive videos. The content of the video is created in 2D; the staff can rotate it in 360-degrees to view it from every possible angle. Acute clinical training is focused on clerking and ward management using diverse technological expertise to help doctors be well-prepared for the front lines. It is all being resolved with the help of hologram technology.

The association worked with GIGXR to direct HoloPatient: Covid-19, where a truly immersive hologram of a COVID-19 patient is created to guide the user through stages of the virus. As holograms are very interactive and an iconic tech; it is believed that for future training sessions Microsoft holoLens devices will also be used.

Holographic Communication: Sci-fi, or a serious possibility?

Why call when you can connect with a holographic image of the other person? Just imagine if Skype or Zoom meetings become history. Just like Star Wars holographic communication, what if office culture adopts this routine to connect with colleagues via hologram? Not you but a holographic image of you giving a presentation to your boss; this will completely revolutionize natural face-to-face communication.

Holograms are being invited into the world of communication with a mission to set you free from your tiny screens and give you a much bigger space to interact with your office peers. The future of holograms are people interacting with your life-like avatar.

The tech industry is trying to come up with an iconic tech using 3D holograms this is to make you communicate with your friends abroad. The concept is amazing but it involves a lot of technical difficulties and there will be a need for a lot more data than usual. If that is not the future of hologram, don’t know what is.

Pepper’s Ghost: would you like to meet with a holographic image of your favorite dead celebrity?

Iconic opera diva Maria Callas passed away in the late 70s but after 40 years of being dead, thanks to hologram tech she was taken back to the stage to perform in front of 2000 fans. How did it work? Her old performances were captured, enhanced digitally, and projected by a 4K digital laser that made it look real.

Who would you want to bring back to life? Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, or maybe you would like to relive compositions of Mozart.

2020 Tokyo summer games will be projected using 3D hologram technology

Tokyo Olympic Committee will use holographic AR technology to live broadcast the whole event outside the arena. It will enable 9 million people in Tokyo to observe Olympic events as if they are present in the stadium. Fans will enjoy a karate match outside the arena thru 3D holograms without the need of wearing a headset or any VR device.

NTT, an official sponsor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games says “it has become possible to enhance the experience more. Experience sports as entertainment beyond time and space.”

Freshly, on April 14th, 2020, Intel declared that it will cooperate with Tokyo and IOC no matter the event conducted on a small-scale or large-scale.


Consumer brands are pushing beyond the limits; they are not using computer effects but real-life hologram technology to grab the attention of the consumer market. Famous trademarks are creating mesmerizing visuals and floating videos of their products during events and exhibitions to captivate customers.

We have witnessed holograms move leaps and bounds over the past years. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking the sci-fi route to address his voters during the election campaign to hologram adding a twist in a tennis match. Now, scientists are creating three-dimensional holograms that you can feel and hear.

Holograms are spicing up things; they have the potential to massively expand training, design, and visualization in many business settings. Indeed, hologram technology has a long way to go. If you are looking to bring a revolt in the field of AR/VR and AI, do not hang back, and feel free to contact NextBridge.

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