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Is Bitcoin a Worthy Investment?

  • Post published:August 19, 2020

We all strive for financial stability to increase our wealth and assets. Don’t we? Bitcoin is also known as a digital currency and virtual currency. So let’s discover what is all the fuss about?

What do you need to understand about Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be simply understood as a form of digital cash. This means that you can purchase your desired items, do online shopping and pay in form of bitcoins. They are stored in digital wallets that are stored in a centralized database called the blockchain.

With the rise in bitcoin prices, it has become extremely popular among people. You’d be surprised to know that they are worth thousands of dollars all due to the codes present on them. Think of each bitcoin as a file that is present in a digital wallet, you can access that wallet through your phone or computer.


What is so great about Bitcoin?

What if someone told you that no one can trace your bitcoin transactions, even the bank or the government. Yes, it definitely feels intriguing but this is a fact. Bitcoin has gained more popularity due to its extreme encryption security and privacy of the transactions.

As per recent reports, the price value of bitcoin is fairly high. Which is attracting a lot of people. Some people are of the view that this can be used to end poverty, only if you can find some intelligent solutions.

In addition to this, it requires a lot of electricity and energy consumption, as this cryptocurrency can be stored on several different servers, SD, or databases. Therefore, it requires more effort, more time, and energy.

Do you know there are almost 9000 bitcoin ATMs in the world? Some people are even comparing their value to Coca-Cola. ( Well, now it seems like bitcoin has the potential to become a digital currency despite its shortcomings and challenges).

5 Things to know before you invest in Bitcoin stock

  1. Each bitcoin wallet has a public key or private key to ensure its security and safety.
  2. They have their own specific codes, to avoid any reuse and stop people from making any copies.
  3. You can also access all the transaction details of bitcoins, as it is considered one of the most secure and safe way.
  4. Bitcoin uses energy that estimates 63 TeraWatt per hour, which is equivalent to the total energy consumption by Switzerland.
  5. It can be used to buy goods, services and even exchange it for currency. If you want to convert it into cash, you can sell it for its current value.
5 Things to know before you invest in Bitcoin stock

The future prospects of this cryptocurrency are often overshadowed by its history. It has witnessed lots of ups and downs. It may be a secure encrypted form of currency with several addresses to track the whole transaction history with help of private key. But, it’s a lengthy process, so the value it offers might be alluring, yet it is expensive.

With blockchain technology with real-world applications, many financial institutions are going to jump into it.

As fin-tech at large is here to stay and a secure pathway is becoming more popular among banks to store transactions and data. The cryptocurrency gurus suggest that the value will keep on increasing, hence the bitcoin investment will grow at a large scale. But then we can only predict that maybe in the future, this cryptocurrency will become the currency of the future.

Many people are suggesting the cloud computing engineers can get their hands on the blockchain to produce more solutions. However, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that blockchain is distributed across various servers. While in cloud computing the data can be stored in one centralized database. Since you are here, would you like to discuss any idea or solution? Let’s discover together!