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You have been tricked by technology “Deepfake Voice”

  • Post published:April 13, 2023

Deep learning technique has taken the internet by storm and enabled Google to go beyond expectations while analyzing the content thoroughly. 

In this era, when artificial intelligence has gone robust and taken the technology advancement to the very next level, one of its technology Deepfake Voice has created another hype.

For instance, suppose you receive a call from a friend and he asks you for money. But, hey! There’s something wrong with his voice, something unusual you are sensing through his voice notes, but generically you just ignore it and send him the money on the given account number. The very next day, you call that friend and inquire about the situation as if he needs more help and here you get to know that he didn’t ask you for the money in the first place even. What the heck! you‘ve been tricked by the technology “audio Deepfake”.

Deepfake Voice

This is how technology is hijacking your mind. 

Such scams are most common in the United States. In 2022, the most frequent type of scam/fraud was reported, which in turn generated losses for the targeted people. Moreover, 5000+ victims were scammed out of $11m over the phone.  – Federal Trade Commission Report

Deepfake Voice cloning with AI

Only professionals with exceptional technical skills and artistic sense can create a compelling voice Deepfake, resembling the targeted voice.

Many tools for audio deep fake can create a voice only a few seconds or a minute long. However, to make it more convincing and reality-based, a larger one has to be created. Interestingly, researchers can clone voices using 5-second audio. 

Protect yourself against such Deepfake voice scams 

If you’ve been tricked by this technology, you need to learn how to protect yourself from such scams. Thereby, many engineers are finding out clues in order to get rid of such voice Deepfake and reduce the harm they can create.

People’s minds were used to getting hijacked by random calls made by scammers. But, in 2019, an energy firm got a high-level scam of US$243,000 when criminals used a Deepfake technology in order to generate the voice of the parent company’s boss and ordered a transfer of the amount. 

To save yourself, we have elucidated a few strategies down

The best strategies against audio Deepfake created by AI

No doubt deep fakes are bringing out harm a lot more, but what can you do to avoid their intentions to scam you? Below, we will share a few tricks that you can play in order to fool artificial intelligence. 

After all, you’re a human and just a technology can’t harm your identity and value. So, do as follows:

  • If you receive a call from someone, claiming himself a bank representative, make him wait or ask him to call back in a few minutes, and in the meanwhile, call on the bank’s official number in order to confirm. 
  • Another thing you shouldn’t do is exchange personal information like names, dates of birth, card numbers, OTPs, or anything on a call with anyone. Hackers or Scammers can use them to destroy your reputation or worth. 
  • Don’t get manipulated by these Deepfake’ Voices and for that know your vulnerabilities and intellectual or emotional biases. 

Are Deepfake illegal?

The concept of Deepfake is not technically illegal. However, the chaos it creates or the way it manipulates the human mind can be threatening.


If you’ve been tricked by technology, then don’t worry now. By following these handy tips, you can avoid scammers’ efforts to harm you. No doubt, artificial intelligence has introduced more and more ways to affect people’s reputation, identity, and value. But, with little care and intelligence, we can get over it all.