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Stuck on a Hamster wheel? – A Developer’s Plight

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If you are a developer especially working as a remote developer, you must have felt stuck, exhausted, and even demotivated at times. Why do we have to sugarcoat it? We will be straight with you because let’s just agreed for once and all “It is what it is.” But the real question is what are you doing about it?

Each one of us working professionals had the experience of getting stuck in a “dead-end.” But it’s not just about the job only, it also goes for the people who wish to hire remote resources from remote software engineering companies. Which is a bigger risk in itself. It’s terrifying to not only lose time and money but to see your project in shambles.

So how do we avoid it? Let’s see it at it from both sides, to avoid the risk, you have to first recognize the issue at hand. Hence, we can explore where it all begins.

Let’s go!

The Predicament of a Developer

Developers and engineers go through the mundane routine of doing similar tasks and writing repetitive layers of code again and again, which becomes boring at times. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your job, it is simply the absence of excitement.

So we call it the “Developer stuck on a Hamster Wheel.” It usually results, when the evolution in one place is not encouraged. Instead, there is one monotonous routine being followed again and again. I mean if you have to get something done as per your requirement, you’d be wishing for a robot. But ask yourself, Is that robot going to have the same intuitive sense of creativity as a fellow human being? Of course no, unless we progress so much into artificial intelligence and it takes over the human race.

That’s why you do smart things like hiring remote developers and engineers. Which is a brilliant move keeping the current scenario in mind, it’s cost-effective and saves you thousands of dollars, ample time, and effort.

To avoid the challenges, you can even inquire about the hiring process and what developers have to go through in order to land the job before you invest your future in someone else’s hands.

But there are going to be challenges, as we said earlier. So, we let quickly go over the signs. Aren’t you intrigued to know?

Signs it’s you – Challenges faced by Remote developers

  • Lack of challenging tasks can create a dull atmosphere, leading to demotivation.
  • No place for growth or creativity, and it feels more like dragging hours till it ends.
  • You feel more excited about the weekend than to wakeup to work every day.
  • No real target to feel accomplished, and no new opportunities to learn new tools, technologies.
  • Lack of appreciation from the manager or boss can also become a reason for lack of interest.
  • Running in circles and juggling multiple things, while not a single one reaches the completion point is one of the biggest reasons.
  • It is also said that the time difference can cause a disturbance. Now it’s up to the development manager or the employer to keep a healthy balance for transparency and accountability.

With the fast pace workspaces and increasing distractions, it is important to implement healthy strategies in the workplace. It allows you to get the most work done on time and avoid delays or mismanagement of the project.

But then, how can we keep the remote developers on their toes and also get the desired results. Let’s figure it out together.

What now? How to hire the right remote developers?

To hire the best remote developers or remote engineers, see if the resources have got training. It will save you time, and you won’t have to spend extra effort doing the handholding. So if you are looking to manage remote employees, see this quick guide.

Irrespective of the technical or non-technical background, do your research to know the required skills before hiring remote resources. Let’s see, for example, if you were to hire PHP developers in order to build your project. You have to know the top in-demand skills that PHP developers should have. It empowers you to hire highly experienced, highly professional remote resources, that you can utilize in the future as well.

Hire Remote Developers

If the developers have the latest skills in the market and are familiar with the recent market trends. It is quite evident that they are well versed, as the experience speaks for itself.

Take Control to Make the Right Move

To make an informed decision about choosing a developer, it is important to weigh in pros and cons. Once we have established the notion that it saves you a great cost, time, and effort. Now you have to invest in selecting the right candidate. Remote engineering companies come to the rescue, as they provide you with options to choose from highly skilled developers.

Everyone wants the best and deserve the best. What are you waiting for? Would you want to know how to get rid of this plight? Well sometimes, we have to discover the link by communicating.

So if you are looking for that one developer who belongs to the top 1% remote developer’s category, then don’t delay it any further. Are you here looking for some really top-notch engineers or developers?

Let’s talk today!

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