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Top Content Marketing Blogging Trends To Include in 2020

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With a blog, you can easily achieve powerful leads conveniently and with the right content marketing you can achieve up to 67% more leads.

The main reason for this is that people might not talk about those ‘products/services’ every day, but they perform several searches per day, discuss many trending topics, and share viable information—articles/blogs with their acquaintances.

There are several examples of companies that came up with strong content marketing and established their blogs as an industry-leading knowledge source—as a result, they made their brand the market leader.

Top market blogging trends will asst you in producing the right and precise content marketing strategy of your brand. Following this path, you will be able to engage an authentic audience who would be interested to discover more of your content.

Blogging Trends for the Right Content Marketing

Below are listed a few top blogging trends of the moment to try for yourself and your brand.

Video and live-stream take center stage

Have you noticed how often you watch videos online? If you are like most of the heads sitting on the internet then probably pretty recurrently.
As a starter, there is no question of doubt that written content is foremost the greatest way to communicate with the audience. However, do not underestimate the power of videos. Today, videos are barging their fair share in content marketing and are becoming one of the most influential ways of targeting and building the audience.

The question lies, how can you utilize video marketing as a part of your content marketing to grow your target audience? Here we go!
Firstly, you must include videos in your social media.

While scrolling through their feed, users stop when there is a video. And to be honest, you don’t have to be video producer to be able to produce a nicely done decent video that would be a success on social media.

You can easily target and seal your audience by making how-to videos or entertaining videos.

Next, to add more engagement to your on-page content, you can begin adding these videos there as well.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest misconceptions that have been tied with the name, Search Engine Optimization is that it limited for only the mogul websites.

However, the real case is pretty much very different. SEO is equally vital and important for all the websites regardless of their size and verticals.

And in fact, SEO is not a difficult thing to learn and begin with.

SEO is a manner to optimize your website for search engines so the audience can find your content more quickly when they search for a similar query or keyword. There are several basics that you can handle on your own, but for the expert r complex optimizations, you should look out for an expert.

Increasing your website speed to using targeted keywords, can help you optimize your content marketing strategy in more than many ways.

Guest Post on Other Blogs

You will need to have good authority if you want people to find you on Google. Otherwise, people cannot magically find you. You will have to make people believe in your content over the rest of the internet. If you will not have your name and authority out there it is nearly impossible to buy what you’re saying as the source of the best possible answer or information.

Begin by guest posting on other blogs that have good authority. This process is often known as link building. This practice is one of the most powerful things you can do for your website optimization and strong content marketing. Beyond this, it’s a great networking opportunity and exposes your content to a new audience.

Email Marketing

Similar to video marketing, email marketing is another powerful tool for better content marketing. You can begin by building an email list, through which you can keep your best users coming back again and again.

This process of creating an email list is inexpensive—free to say and very easy to perform.

Begin by encouraging the users to sign-up by offering recompense o some sort like a free download to subscribers or by sending informative and engaging emails. This way you can keep your emails relevant to your audience to keep your users coming back.

Long-Form Content

And for the last one, one of the last trends of the moment is to write long-form content. This reason is justifiable for several reasons.

To begin with, the users who will be coming to your page will spend a long time on your page to read the entire post to look for the answers to their queries.
by producing long blogs, search engines will get the message that you know your topic and you know what you are talking about.

However, the point to focus here is that you cannot just produce long and stuffed content with no direction. For the content to perform well, it must be well written, organized, and easy to read regardless of the length.


Getting your target audience to your blog is not always that easy. It is a time taking process and requires a lot of patience until it starts showing fruitful results. And it sure does show that!

To entice your reader, you need to come up with great trending topics and content as well as a strong content marketing strategy to drive users to your blog.

The blogging trends mentioned above work effectively when they are performed properly.  

The main goal is to adopt a data-driven mindset throughout your marketing team, and your organization as a whole.

More than allowing just any data to drive your content-creation initiatives, though, you need to ensure you’re focusing on the right data — the data that matters to your bottom line.

To differentiate between metrics that matter and vanity metrics, you’ll need to do a bit of reverse-engineering.

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