15min Magic

15min Magic

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When was the last time that you experienced a really magical feeling? What is 15min magic? Magic is time and embedded in time, lets find it out together.

Breaking the 15 Magic spell

People even use the best time management apps to keep track of their day. Do you even know if you need some time to relax? When you have deadlines to meet and the weekend is getting closer. It is said that 15min break during the most challenging tasks can boost up your productivity. It really is magic, especially when you have a desk job. Pretty cool, right?

Hold on, just one last question before you move on. Do you believe in magic? Well, even if you don’t we bet once you read this article. you’ll have a changed mind.

By now you might have guessed that the 15min magic is interlinked with time and how we manage our time on a regular basis.

What is a 15min magic break? – where the magic happens

With the world becoming faster, it has become quite a challenge to meet your goals without losing a sense of one’s self. It is also possible that one day you are so much immersed in the tasks that you don’t feel tired at all. You think to yourself. Should I skip lunch to finish this article? Maybe just a few more minutes until you are done. But here’s the twist for the 15min magic, that you really need at this crucial point.

A wise man once said, sometimes the most phenomenal thing you can do is to DO NOTHING!

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

-Winnie the Pooh

Studies show that we cannot concentrate for longer intervals, because we are not made like this. To tune your mind to work effectively, you need to give it a break. Even if you don’t feel the general symptoms of fatigue, being stuck, or tiredness. You don’t have to yawn to know, that your mind is going to shift to sleep mode. Do you get distracted easily? Well, then you need the 15min magic of sporadic breaks.

Wait up, don’t go anywhere just now. Here is the best part but first let’s get to know. what are sporadic breaks?

Everyone needs a Sporadic 15min magic break

It doesn’t happen magically or overnight, so many companies are using the strategy of sporadic breaks to increase productivity in their employees. There are even best time management tools and apps to effectively monitor and manage these workplace breaks.

Sporadic breaks can help you avoid burnout syndrome. It can happen to people who never lose sight of your goals. It can happen on a regular day at work, that you become bored due to a repetitive and consistent work routine. Recent cognitive studies unravel that sporadic breaks are said to be rejuvenating.

And it begins…

Once you take a 15min magic break known as sporadic break, you come back and pick up instantly from where you left off. You come back with a fresh perspective, so time away from the computer is the time you need. You can get this time to recollect your thoughts and step away from the cycle to clear your head.

Sporadic breaks contribute to your productivity, as they help you:

  • Renew your energy tank
  • Gain more self-control
  • Make better decisions
  • Fuel your creativity
  • Regain a stronger focus
  • Deliver better performance
  • Maintain a healthy balance
  • Avoid toxic work burnout syndrome

In the weeds

The feeling to complete the “To-Do List’ is a remarkable feeling. I mean can you even match to the level of satisfaction, as you cross things off your list. I mean we all feel quite pumped at the start of the day. As the clock moves to 3 pm, it gets more mundane and the world seems to be moving at a very slow pace. That’s when you have to snap out of losing momentum and get back in the game. You can know if you are stuck in this vertigo, you feel dizzy and not motivated at all.

With the work pressure and so much on our list, we often become distracted and vulnerable to distractions. That also makes us guilty of watching those mindless viral videos, keeping screenshots of all trending memes and how can we forget the online quizzes.

But the real question is, how do you manage time?

Let’s use this 15min magic break time to look inside and find out the ways together.

15min getaway – Break Free from Daylong marathon

You are advised to stay away from what you are doing at the moment for 15min. You can schedule these sporadic 15-minute breaks starting from morning till late in the evening. The thing is to stay mindful of the goal and reactivate it, without feeling drained. It will bring out the best in you, as the exiting studies are proof. What can you do during these?

Use this time actively to:

  • Take a walk
  • Do some easy exercise routine
  • Eat some healthy snack
  • Talk to a colleague
  • Listen to songs

Do you know? Companies like Google, Apple, and Nike promote workplace meditation that includes quiet rooms, yoga classes, and meditation. Now, that is what we call a real stress buster!

If you are here in search of some apps that can calm your mind. Do you often feel anxious, restless, and tired? You can go through different meditation apps. They can help you calm down your mood in this chaotic world. To cancel out the noise and listen to your inner voice. That will guide you to do better and perform better at work also as an added bonus.

Take the Next Step to Evolution

Imagine yourself walking through a thick forest in search of food and instantly you hear something in the distance. Yes, your instincts and senses are heightened for that very moment to alarm you about something unexpected. Our evolutionary history teaches us that human brains are wired in a way to concentrate for some designated time period and for the sake of SURVIVAL. Now, we have to move on.

We can tune our lives around the technology and make the best out of it. Time management tools and time management apps are also the result to need more productivity and creativity.

How to achieve more productivity with time management apps?

Time management apps and tools enable you to divide time for all your tasks. In this way, you don’t just slack off and spend countless hours sitting in front of the computer screen.

What if could build your own outstanding app? You can do anything that you set your heart to.

If you have an idea to create a time management app or personalized tool for your company. You can transform that idea into an app. You can hire app developers to create your own time management app or meditation app.

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