flutter app development

Hope or Hype: The Rise of Flutter App Development

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The rise in app development is not hidden from anyone and we all know that the number of mobile users is increasing. Flutter app development and native app development has also become very significant in this respect. Businesses that had no online presence shifted to online websites and the web-based online stores started launching their user-friendly mobile apps. With the …

regression testing

Regression Testing: A concise overview

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Imagine you make a minute modification in your code, and unexpectedly another part of your code stops working. You’re just a day away from an important release, and fear sets in. You wonder how can changing that one variable cause a problem in the whole code? You spend minutes figuring out the cause but then, a colleague of yours recalls …

engage in Robotic Process Automation

Why SMEs should Engage in Robotic Process Automation

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If you’re reading this, then we bet you’re looking for information regarding robotic process automation. Before we go into RPA, Look at the graph below. The data refers to the most difficult challenges an SME faces in today’s world of digitization. More than 40% of SMEs believe that the hardest thing for them is to attract new customers. A significant …

Blockchain in Music Industry

Blockchain in Music Industry – Combating Piracy

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Blockchain in music industry might seem like something that has no relevance. However, like any other industry, Blockchain has been able to penetrate the music industry in ways no one really imagined. Blockchain’s architecture allows manifold applications and the music industry has long been craving for a technology where it can combat piracy issues. The Music Industry and Piracy: While …