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Mobile Commerce Apps: Top 10 features to rule them all

  • Post published:November 4, 2020

Why does your online store need a mobile commerce app?

Did you know that today North Americans access the web only through mobile devices? Did you also know that they use their smartphones to buy items online? There are a few numbers of people left who still use a desktop computer or a laptop for this purpose. Hard to believe? Sure, we will let stats do the talking.

  • Mobile wallet payments were projected to rise to $500 billion in 2020, surprisingly it came true
  • The world’s m-commerce sales will touch 53.9% of all e-commerce sales, by 2021
  • By 2021, the global m-commerce share in e-commerce is projected to rise by 72.9%

As mobile commerce is booming, building a mobile commerce app is the one best way to bag good sales for e-commerce businesses. That’s because research shows mobile apps convert higher than the mobile web on average.

mobile commerce app

Is mobile commerce different from e-commerce? Okay, let’s clear up the confusion between m-commerce and e-commerce.

In today’s digital era where nearly every other individual is rotating towards online transactions; indeed, it brings along plentiful benefits. Ecommerce is buying online; sell and exchange of goods and services using the web. Conversely, Mcommerce is the purchase of goods and services using mobile devices. You can say, m-commerce is e-commerce tailored to just mobile experience.

Mobile commerce app sales were estimated to reach $2.91 trillion this year. Hopefully, the growth is projected to jump in percentage by 22.3 to $3.56 trillion in income until 2021.

But, providing a tailor-made mobile experience isn’t enough, the best mobile commerce app has certain features in common. These must-have features are all focused on refining your consumer experience, amassing sales, and conversions.

We have come up with 15 features to rule them all; these are the top mobile commerce app tips & practices keeping in consideration the modern trends.

top mobile commerce app tips

1) Product Filtering Implementations

Product filtering is widely known as ‘faceted search’ that means you can shop a store by attributes like color, price, size, rating, etc. The largest e-commerce companies use this feature for central usability and better conversion.

Now, let’s talk about a few product filtering ideas you can apply in your mobile commerce app to get a high-performing design. Here you go:

Product Filtering Implementations

The product filtering experience is an inner part of the product browsing experience. If done well, it can enable users to limit a product catalog of thousands of products to find that match their unique buying preferences.

2) Easy Login/Signup

Studies show that 30% of the users abandon the checkout process for the reason that registration or login process is too difficult. They don’t like to enter too many details or it has a bad UI. That is why many sites offer a sign up/login using a social profile. Your aim must be to make the login, registration, and password reset procedure stress-free.

Opt-in for an Amazon-inspired password recovery procedure; help them to reset passwords in just a click to avoid cart abandonment rate.

Easy Login/Signup

3) Detailed Product Descriptions

A detailed product description is something that describes a product and its value. The sole purpose is to stock consumers with essential material about the top features and benefits of the product so they’re obliged to purchase.

Detailed Product Descriptions

4) Push Notifications

“A great mobile push notification is three things: timely, personal and actionable.”

Noah Weiss, Slack.

Push notification is recognized as a great marketing tool and it requires your attention. It is a message sent by an application to a customer’s mobile commerce app. The message is typically related to product updates, any reminders, personalized offers, or breaking news, etc.

Here are some stats to consider about push notification. It has :

  • 50% opening rate than an email
  • click rate 7x than an email
  • A retention rate of 93%
  • Deliverability rate 90%
  • 70% of the app users feel they are great
  • The most desired content is promotions

5) User Profiles

Do you know the ultimate advantage of having a mobile commerce app? It’s letting users log in to make a purchase from a customer profile. The user profile is the exemplification of the user’s interests. It demonstrates who they are, what they like in the form of a profile.

Each user finds personalization tempting. The stats say 90% agree on it. With this amazing feature, you can get uncountable benefits; let’s say you can get insights to design personalized offers to gain their attention.

Tell us a thing, do you like to add your details on the same site repeatedly? Since their information is already saved to their profile, your users can shop and checkout within seconds. Just give it a thought!

6) Product Gallery Slider

Product Gallery Slider

A product page is imperfect that lacks a proper product gallery that includes no less than 3-4 images of the product item. There exist a few customers who prefer a brick-and-mortar view, so thanks to the galley slider, you can cover that audience too.

7) Shorten the Check-out Process

You actually need to shorten the check-out process to give your customers an excellent customer experience. Forbes says, lesser form fields yield higher conversion rates.

There’s one top way to reduce the check-out process and that is you can store your customer’s information. It will automatically reduce the checkout time.

8) Offer Alternative Payment Option

Just imagine a user continue to shop from your mobile commerce app and successfully reaches the checkout page. But he/she quickly realizes that you don’t accept their favored payment method. How does that sound to you?

Don’t let this happen to them! So, your mobile commerce app must accept:

  • Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express
  • PayPal
  • Debit Cards
  • Venmo
  • Google Play
  • Apply Play

9) Delivery and Shipping Option

You can’t make all customers happy? Oh, you can!

Introduce a return policy; it is believed that 92% of the customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers them a simple return policy. If you don’t want your cart to be abandoned, always offer free returns.

10) Wishlist

Wondering why the wishlist is significant? This feature lets shoppers make a tailored collection of products they love, want to buy, and save for future mention. It creates a very positive impression of your mobile commerce app as they are more likely to share their wishlist with family members too.

You can run several campaigns as per the customers’ wishlist.


We understand to find the top features for your mobile commerce app is a critical job. Hopefully, our list could help you figure that out.

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