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Leverage Project Management tools to get more Productivity

  • Post published:November 12, 2020

We hear quite a lot about the ongoing frenzy that demands us to use project management tools for our work and ongoing tasks. I would have quote “method to the madness” but I believe that would be too mainstream.

So, let’s get right to business.

What are the best management tools? There are many tools and software systems in the market that we can utilize to benefit. They can increase our work productivity and efficiency to help us deliver the desired results. But the main motive that pushes us to go to these tools in the first place is the need to “get things done.”

Let’s just face it, we all get distracted at times especially when we are doing multi-tasking and it gets too crowded. To avoid late delivery of tasks or any undesired event. We can use the tools to keep track of our progress and tasks and deliver on a timely basis.

However, let’s understand the significance of project management software that help us to smash it in the market and do good things.

Why do you need project management tools in the first place?

With so much in the market, you must be thinking that if we have to do project management. Then, isn’t one tool enough? But you cant find everything in one place and for that, you’d have to craft a customized tool or software tool of your own.

So, we decided to suggest the ones that we have explored on our own.

5 Top Project Management Tools – Make the right choice

It is important to take control of the choices that you make. Because you are the one who is going to use it eventually and your convenience matters more than anything.

1- Jira – An Agile way to plan and track

Top Project Management Tools

Jira is considered one of the most amazing project management tools for powerful and productive work experience. Moreover, it has amazing features that help you to:

  • Automate the workflow ad track tasks
  • Make folders to store data in categories
  • Arrange a centralized space directory
  • See all work activity in one place
  • Use interactive features to make changes
  • Advanced search filters to keep it transparent

It is also a great way to manage your team and set deadlines for tasks. So that the team stays on their toes to get the desired results, it’s the best tool to keep the productivity in check. Are you intrigued enough? Tell us!

2- Taiga lets you document stories and tasks

Taiga is project management, that we have used several times. It is still in our use as per the client’s demands. But by using we came across its challenges and shortcomings. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most effective and popular tools to manage remote engineering teams of developers and programmers.


With Taiga, you can have:

  • Kanban- To add, track and manage task progress and workflow
  • Version control- The history is there to see when, how it started and completed
  • Video conferencing tools- For better collaboration and team communication
  • Task Management and Stories – Manage your major projects and add sub-tasks to it

There are many amazing in-built features and tools that you can use. If you are looking for something like this, and definitely try it out!

3- Trello – Track Everything and Anything

Trello is the best place to manage your projects effectively and communicate with your teams, especially remote teams. It provides you with a board, where you can take an overview of all the progress if it’s in progress, done, or in-between.


You create your own custom boards, manage client meetings, communicate with remote teams, and easily assign work to the desired person. It’s basically a digital board, that allows you to put “sticky notes” in form of cards on boards for any task that needs to be done. But in this case, the card keeps moving, until it is marked done.

Do you know? You have a calendar to keep track of every task and project. Don’t miss out on this and check it out if it’s the thing that resonates with your work methods.

4. Slack to make it easier and faster

Slack allows you to make communication easier, more secure, and faster. It becomes your online digital directory to keep all the workplace communication history and track tasks. It empowers you to maintain all teams in a smooth way and track their workflow. Once a transparent method for project management is setup. It becomes way easier to build professional, productive, and efficient teams.

You can try slack for free!

slack for project management

Take a glance at the communication that happens, you can directly use it through a mobile phone or on your desktop. Tools like slack become more effective when you hire remote teams, so you can directly communicate and get the work done without any challenges.


5- Google Docs as a Project Management Tool

Do you know 100 people can use google docs and can make the changes at the same time? Yes, it won’t crash, but you can only test this by using it. You must be thinking that we are suggesting you use it.


Well, we have been through our fair share of different management tools and software systems. But this is the one that we always go back to. The main reason is, It’s easier, faster, and user-friendly. What else would we need? Anyhow, you can create separate folders for projects, sheets for teams to track the workflow and ask them to mention their reports. Viola, you are good to go!

That’s why we consider it one of the most convenient places where you can plan, manage, and track the work to attain more productivity. You can also look at the above overview, where you can create different content formats with readymade templates.

Have it your way – Build a Custom Project Management Tool

With these suggested project management tools and all the available software tools in the market. Many companies are already using popular tools in the market to keep their teams on the same page. Moreover, it helps you to track each and every activity of an individual to main efficacy.

But, usually, these tools are built for everyone’s usage and not with a specific end-user in mind. So, it is also possible that you can build a personalized project management tool of your own. You have a certain environment of your own. Because your team and organization have different needs.

Do you have any idea? Have you been facing any challenges while using project management tools? If, you have something in mind that you want to turn into a product specially designed as per your business needs. Well, you can hire a team of your choice to help you transform your amazing idea into reality.

Why do you have to wait? Get started today!