Top IT Jobs that Require No Coding

Jobs without coding? Do you want to work in technology without coding? If you seek involvement in the growing tech and your coding skills are lacking, worry not! Not all tech jobs require super programming skills, there are lucrative careers…

Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry: Types and Importance

How can technology in the foodservice industry be impactful? Don’t you think that restaurants have become convenient over the past decades? It is because technology helps the industry. It keeps its stock levels accurate, keeps the inventory arranged efficiently, and…

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The Synergy of AI and VR: Revolutionizing Immersive Experience

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies has sparked a revolution in the realm of immersive experiences. By combining the computational power and intelligence of AI with the immersive environments of VR, a whole new world…

Importance of Employee Benefits and What Nextbridge Offers!

Employee’s benefits refers to all the perks and rewards that are granted to the employee, on top of their salary or wages during their course of employment. These benefits can include healthcare plans, retirement plans, paid time off, flexible work…

How to Block Mind Reading Technology – Nextbridge

In recent years, neurotechnologies have shifted from labs to the real world. For instance, police forces are using such tech to check whether someone is guilty of a crime or not. Essentially the machine shows brain signals and other body…

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Key Components of Computer Engineering Technology

What Is Computer Engineering Technology? Explore the Career Options

In today's digital age, computer engineering technology plays a vital role in shaping our modern society. From smartphones to self-driving cars, computer systems and software have become an integral part of our daily lives. If you've ever wondered what computer…

You have been tricked by technology “Deepfake Voice”

For instance, suppose you receive a call from a friend and he asks you for money. But, hey! There’s something wrong with his voice, something unusual you are sensing through his voice notes, but generically you just ignore it and send him the money on the given account number.

Hot PHP Web Development Trends for 2023

In the world of all things web, it is difficult for businesses to keep up with the market trends. Mainly, because the world of PHP web development is always changing. However, if you have to excel as a business and outshine competitors, keeping up with the trends in web development is crucial. PHP is by far the most popular and commonly used programming language for web development.

What is a taint analysis & how to protect Php with it?

Taint analysis is a process used to identify the user input flow through an information security platform system to understand its design’s security implications. This analysis aims to make PHP secure by alleviating risks like SQL injection which occurs when the program’s other parts utilize user input without proper clearance.