Want to Know How Smart Home Trends Impact Our Lives?

Smart Home Trends: What’s Now and What’s Next?

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Are you exploring smart home trends in 2022? Are you planning home renovation using smart home technology? Here are all your answers!

Everyone knows how smart home technology uplifts our lives and makes things easier and automated. Look around your homes, do you see gadgets everywhere? Smart appliances, automated machines, smart fridges, and smart stoves for your elders? Your house is packed with such items.

It is reported that over 300 million homes installed smart gadgets in just a year. Astonishing, right?

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There are a few smart home technologies like plugs, doorbells, locks, thermostats, cameras, and many others that have changed everything for you. So, we thought why not talk about those smart home trends that create a positive impact for you every day.

Smart Home Trends: Intelligent Devices of Tomorrow

Are you ready to know about those smart home trends that can increase your home value? We are talking about the fate of automation!

Smart Home Trends

Here we explain some trendy devices that can assist you in creating the best smart home systems ever!

We reveal the following:

  1. Amazon Echo Show 8
  2. Amazon Echo (4th generation)
  3. Google Nest Wi-Fi
  4. Philips Hue White LED
  5. Arlo Video Doorbell
  6. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
  7. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera
  8. SimpliSafe

Let’s learn how they function!

Intelligent Devices of Tomorrow

1. Amazon Echo Show 10

What does the Amazon Echo Show 10 do?

You can watch videos, enjoy your playlists, gather weather stories, control your home gadgets, video call your friends, and do a lot more with it. You can also stream Netflix.

What’s best is that there is no monthly fee to use it.

2. Amazon Echo (4th generation)

The device offers premium sound and automatically adapts to your room. You can stream from absolutely any device available. Ask Alexa to play your tv, music, or anything. It also controls lights, locks, and sensors.

Are you an avid music lover? With Amazon Echo, you can hear your favorite song from each corner of your home. Just connect Echo devices in different rooms. Even make your home a theater. Call all your friends who have Alexa or an echo device on them and connect with them. It has privacy controls too!

3. Google Nest Wi-Fi

Wondering what Google’s next WIFI will do?

It is one of the Smart home technologies that let you enjoy everything that the internet has to offer. It gives a stable WIFI setup that works on a mesh Wi-Fi system. You literally take the internet with you anywhere in the world.

4. Philips Hue White LED

It offers reasonable white-light LED bulbs to give you a huge white and white ambiance. It is one of the smartest home trends available. It is available in a dozen shapes. Put it anywhere in your home.

5. Arlo Video Doorbell

Worried about your home’s security? Use Arlo video doorbell!

Who needs a traditional doorbell these days? It has a camera, supports cloud storage for free, and provides a live video stream. It’s actually a video doorbell setup!

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

6. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

It’s really time to upgrade your homes using smart home technology!

Keep the doors locked or unlocked even from a distance see who’s approaching and leaving.

7. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is totally wire-free. It has a motion-activated light that is stronger than your car’s light. It captures videos in 2K quality. Further features are below:

  • 6-month battery life
  • Superior Brightness
  • 2K HDR
  • Color Night Vision
  • Built-in Smart Siren

8. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe device provides full protection against invaders, fires, water damage, common Medical Emergencies, and much more. It won an award for being the best overall home security of 2020.

Smart Home Trends: What’s Now

1. Smart Home Integration

Are your homes smart? Do you want to enjoy personalized smart living experiences?

Home automation started when thermostats were invented. But now, you can see each home around you is becoming smarter and smarter day by day.

Smart Home Integration

Amazon’s Alexa is smart enough to make your shopping list for you. If there’s a shortage of eggs, milk, bread, peanut butter, etc. It feels the need and generates a list for you.

Are you impressed with these smart home trends? Try them now if you haven’t yet. It does not demand you to act tech-savvy; you need a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection, and an outlet through which everything gets connected.

2. AI and IoT

How is your AI assisting you? Pretty well, right?

IoT & AI are no new concepts. Both have become a major part of your everyday lifestyle. Many surveys concluded that the relationship between AI and IoT has become significant and provides everybody with a competitive advantage.

AI and IoT

AI in your smartphone manages to assist you with playing your favorite playlist, generate a to-do list, turn on and off lights, and many other functions.

IoT has contributed a lot to make your home smart; from your kitchen to your smartphone, it is making your life easier and simpler every day.

Smart Home Trends: What’s Next

Examples of Smart Home Technologies

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, Insteon Hub Pro, and Wink Hub are all good examples of smart home technologies. When talking about smart home trends, the following are the few main examples:

Examples of Smart Home Technologies

1. Digital Thermostats

Are you aware of digital thermostats? Let’s explore its productivity.

Digital thermostats are widely used and adopted because they are easy to install, customizable, and adjustable. You don’t have to worry about your house when you’re away. It stays warm in cold snaps. Similarly, if it’s scorching, it keeps your homes’ atmosphere cold.

Do you know about the Nest thermostat? Google says that it saves you from excruciating bills. Try it to believe it

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lights are now a part of smart home technology as they are controlled remotely. Companies are introducing light bulbs that can detect the presence of persons in the room and adjust lighting accordingly.

Smart lights are definitely worth it! But did you ever think about what will replace LED lighting? It is said that laser diodes will outperform LED lights.

3. Smart TVs

You already are using smart TVs right? What will TVs be like in the future?

The TVs of the future will grant you complete freedom to stream your favorite channels. You will not have to buy packages to watch popular channels.

There will be advanced interactivity and the tech will become more affordable.

4. Smart Security Cameras

Do you want to improve the surveillance of your home? A smart security system allows you to monitor your home even if you are away or on vacation.

They are programmed to detect the difference between visitors, residents, burglars, even pets. What is the future of security cameras?

The future holds this:

  • AI & deep learning
  • Advanced post-event search capabilities
  • Business Insights
home protection

5. Smart Lock System

Make your apartment, shop, home, office more secure with smart locks and garage door openers. They have different options like you can grant or deny access to visitors.

Smart locks also contain an AI system that can detect if someone is reaching to open your door.

6. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Are you a housewife or living alone? Or are you having problems managing food and grocery? Don’t worry. Now every kitchen appliance is tech-friendly and is in use to make your lives easier.

Appliances like smart refrigerators can track expiration dates of different products, make shopping lists, or suggest recipes according to the available ingredients.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The smart coffee maker allows you to set a schedule to brew your coffee. There are some other products too like the laundry room, slower cookers, toasters, washing machines, and dryers, etc.

In Essence

Are you convinced to rely on smart home technology?

Smart homes trends efficiently concentrate on interconnectivity between devices, security, and provide ease. In modern times, the Smart app technology market evolves and brings new advancements.

Are you planning to acquire smart home trends and are confused about them? The market will grow more and offer you many opportunities to gain success.

You must consult to make it work!