online payment system

The Best Online Payment Experience Defined

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Customer expectations are inevitably evolving with time. But how to prepare for the unpreventable evolution of your customers’ expectations? Furthermore, they expect you to keep up with their anticipations and beliefs. If you want to give them an outstanding experience; we unveil some best online payment systems and processes that can help you out. Those who are running businesses must …

Software Launch

Draw a Roadmap for your Software Launch

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Are you planning to go for a new software launch? Maybe you have an idea that looks worth the time and dedication? Maybe you’re just looking to put out a product that you know for sure is going to sell like hotcakes. Wait! Do you have all of the plans sorted out? Or you’re just going to see the launch …

chatbot vs voicebot

Chatbot vs Voicebot: A Robot Combat

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A chatbot is not a new invention; the first-ever was developed in the year 1966. This novel device that started a revolution was first designed at MIT and they called it ELIZA. Nowadays, building a bot is everybody’s dream. But what confuses the most of you is either to develop a voicebot or a chatbot. This brings you to this …

robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 4 Minutes

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stands for software that is far and wide used to replace the manual business processes with automated ones. Businesses activities that require repetitive work can be deployed mechanically by using this technology. It is dedicated to freeing people from wasting a lot of their time and energy by adding some value to their routine business activities. …

Virtual Reality in Mental Healthcare

The Breakthrough VR technology for Mental Healthcare

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As per the World Health Organization, there are almost 450 million people who suffer from mental health disorders and issues. With virtual reality in mental healthcare, technology is being used to help people suffering from psychological and behavioral disorders. Virtual Reality and its applications are bringing a revolution in the world. One doesn’t have to restrict the imagination, know that …

Types of Artificial intelligence

Three Types of AI: Let’s Find Out

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You have acquainted yourself with the term Artificial Intelligence, but are you aware of the most prominent types of Artificial Intelligence? If you study or look around you, you can see how faster Artificial Intelligence trends are picking up the hype. Let’s recall some of the implementations of artificial intelligence, we are starting with the basic ones. “Artificial intelligence will …

Cloud Kitchen

Food Tech with a chance of Cloud Kitchen

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In the movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,’ the director Cody Cameron reportedly grew the vegetables, made sculptures, and then took photographs to get the real idea of fruits and vegetables. Interestingly enough, the very idea of a cloud kitchen has some similarities with this very movie. I mean, who would mind their own personalized cloud that helps them …

voice recognition

The Ultimate Guide to Voice Recognition

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Joaquin Phoenix’s movie titled ‘Her’ presents a unique scenario wherein the distant future technology has boomed to unprecedented heights. One of the things that stands out in the movie is how far voice recognition and Artificial Intelligence have joined forces. Voice recognition is an area of Artificial intelligence that has fascinated people for generations. In fact, the inception behind the …