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The Breakthrough VR technology for Mental Healthcare

  • Post published:December 11, 2020

As per the World Health Organization, there are almost 450 million people who suffer from mental health disorders and issues. With virtual reality in mental healthcare, technology is being used to help people suffering from psychological and behavioral disorders.

Virtual Reality and its applications are bringing a revolution in the world. One doesn’t have to restrict the imagination, know that if you can imagine, you can continue to invent. There is no end to this progress. It is said by Palmer Luckey known as a Founder of Oculus Rift:

“VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all time.”

The thing about technology is that it will only get better from now onwards, but one cannot deny the challenges and shortcomings. However, the boundless benefits will always revolutionize it.

Can we use Virtual Reality in Mental Healthcare?

Virtual Reality Technology in mental healthcare seems very surprising at the very start. The thing is that we hear about other technologies, their applications, and uses of the technology. Using this VR, its inculcated into the medical practices, therapy techniques, and healing processes to get a more advanced way of healing.

Since the world is moving digital and people are also preferring remote services to get the most out of it. Because it holds great power and benefits. The next question that instantly rises in one’s mind is: How can you use VR technology to gain mental health-related benefits?

So let’s move ahead to see its numerous benefits….

Virtual Reality in Mental Healthcare

Mind-blowing benefits of VR technology in Mental Healthcare

Many technologies are transforming the medical industry and the field at the moment. It is not just restricted to therapy or identifying the diseases, it is also used in other administrative tasks, manufacturing new and better drugs to cure health issues and also to make the experience more advanced. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in healthcare are making waves.

Therefore we are trying to uncover the many benefits that enable us to leverage this technology for improving mental health.

Aren’t you intrigued? We are too, so let’s explore further.

benefits of VR technology
  • VR technology is used to view a real-time view of surgeries. For example, if one is reluctant to have surgery. The doctor or surgeon can walk them through the process via VR to build confidence and trust. It is already being practiced.
  • VR training for medical practitioners, medical students, and VR training led by medical experts for patients can be done through this technology. They can be used for teaching and training purposes as well as for therapy.
  • Virtual reality in mental healthcare is used to reduce anxiety by helping patients to watch a calming and serene view or anything at all that comforts them. As per WHO, one person in every family is suffering from mental health issues.
  • Recent studies and research reveal that VR is also used for pain management. There are situations, where you can’t risk giving anesthesia to the patient. So you can keep them busy and distracted with VR therapy and activities involving this technology.
  • VR headset and technology enables you to create an environment of your choice, that can be enjoyable, peaceful for nerves, and also better for health. Visuals hold very great power, and you can do that to influence a patient’s mind in a better way.
  • It is also said by experts that VR technology can be put to even greater use in rehabilitation centers and especially use in therapeutic ways in case of any people faced with traumatic injuries and brain injuries.
  • Reportedly, VR therapy has proved effective for many patients and significant improvements were noticed using this technology.

So what are the possible therapies to use VR in mental healthcare?

Let’s dig in!

Time to Relax – Virtual Reality in Mental Healthcare

Sometimes, it becomes crazy as we have to run in a race in such a fast pace world. Where some people like the thrill of it all, there are people who might even feel anxious, drained, and even experience work burnout. In intense cases, it can cause mental health issues. As technology is revolutionizing the world right now, it has also triumphed in the medical field.

So let’s see what is all the buzz about VR in mental healthcare?

Exposure Therapy Cognitive Behavior Therapy Stress Management Pain Management Patient Assessment
This is used to help patients to overcome their fears and phobias. A better way to break the barrier. To help them adapt to the changing environments and changes in life at large. VR Meditation and Environment to declutter one’s mind from personal and daily life stress. To help them get through a process, especially women going through labor pain or any other issue. To analyze a patient’s situation better using VR applications and methods involving VR Technology.
Virtual Reality in Mental Healthcare

Note: The above information is derived from recent studies and medical journals. It is subject to change.

Do You Want to Buy Peace of Mind?

Why do we consider that VR technology can be used for mental healthcare because it has numerous benefits? It also involves:

  • Realistic Environment to treat any kind of anxiety, and virtual reality in mental healthcare is helping us to create realistic environments and events.
  • Security and Privacy, which means that the patient feels more comfortable and they do not fear and breach of confidentiality.
  • Controlled Environment both for the medical expert and also for the patient. Especially for people who have social anxiety.
  • Familiar situations can be created using VR technology in a safe space and even sitting right in their drawing room with a VR headset.
  • Remote therapy and remote healthcare can also be taken care of with the help of this revolutionary technology.

The possibilities are endless with technology because you can use virtual reality along with other technologies such as augmented and artificial. Microsoft Hololens is also an example of such an application. It is even said that medical practitioners and researchers can mix VR with 3D to make the experience even more real. Isn’t that exciting?

VR technology

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With VR in mental healthcare, and its usage for healthcare. Let’s not limit our options, because there are other possibilities and healthcare solutions too. Since you are already here, if you have anything specific, you can simply ask our tech experts.

There are many websites, software systems, and applications that can be created in the healthcare industry. Technology is our tool to transform those ideas and concepts into reality. Healthcare has a great potential to use advanced technology and make things happen. So Developers in healthcare are also finding new solutions to help the medical industry.

Do you have an idea that you want to see in reality? It’s always a learning experience to share ideas because we never know what will change the world? Bring the idea and make it come true, and let’s talk!