problem solving

Problem solving: why solving real user problems is the key

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How do you treat a new project? Do you focus on a timeline or care about delivering results? Did you realize a report under no circumstances considered complete if it does not answer these questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? The Five Ws whose answers are compulsory to find for problem solving. While developing a project, software engineers must apply …

Blockchain Technology

The Impact of Blockchain Technology in Financial Services

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Over the last few years Blockchain technology has been knocking on doors in nearly all industries. One thing is for sure, in a world that was already enveloped in the process of digitization, Blockchain’s rise and its promise for future was the highlight. Blockchain’s penetration in nearly all industries has been influential and business communities are realizing the value of …

Digital payment system

The Adoption of Digital Payment System

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Would you picture there was a time when you would swap goods for other goods in return? It was called a barter system where goods and chattels were traded for tea, weapons, food, spices, even skulls back in 6000 BC. Luckily, digital payment systems offer the best ways to pay and be paid for everyone and everywhere. Today, we have …


AR/VR: the new Sherlock Holmes

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Do you like crime series? Do you read detective stories more often? Well, the good news is that you can not only watch or read detective stories but you can be a detective inside your own home. Fascinating? AR/VR has been tricking human senses for a long time, but these technologies have a pivotal role in law enforcement to solve crime …

working remotely

The Things nobody tells you about Working Remotely

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Do you know IBM was the first company to introduce remote working? Since then many companies started adopting this trend especially the idea of remote work became popular. The shift from traditional workplaces and offices to working remotely has opened up new opportunities. All the fuss about Modern convenience-Remote Work The buzz surrounding remote work suggests that remote work is …

virtual reality

How Doctors use Virtual Reality to Prepare for Surgeries

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Imagine a doctor sitting with a VR headset to not only diagnose your heart diaphragm but also scan blood vessels and valves in your heart. Would you like to take a virtual tour into your brain with the help of VR? See if everything is working fine. Wouldn’t that be a relief? Well, now to fulfill your satisfaction, it is …

Hologram Technology

ICONIC TECH: Say Hello to the Future of Hologram Technology

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3D technology has taken you to an alien world in the movies, soon your doctor will be inside your bodies for examination. This is the future of hologram technology! Could you imagine a doctor performing surgery on a holographic image of you? Weird but just to avoid errors, medical holograms will be a part of surgical equipment. Advanced hologram technology …