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Games can increase your Productivity, here’s why

  • Post published:August 11, 2020

Games are an important part of our lives, and we are thrilled at the very thought of playing around with things.  Many of the people working in jobs that demand a 9-5 shift tend to feel drained. It goes for those who have been recently shifted to the work from home or remote work.

If you are someone who has joined a gym just for the sake of remaining physically and mentally active. It also includes those working out before work and after getting back from all day of work. That’s too much, right? I mean we can’t just put a stamp on it, however, it works differently for everybody.

So we asked the most important questions. What is it that will work for everyone to boost productivity? Yes, productivity in general and also work productivity. The research led us to productivity games. So let’s explore how does your game time enable you to perform better?

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy-Play Games

You can improve your productivity and work efficiency with the help of games. This way you can get rid of those boring spells at work that can potentially turn you into a sloth. You can also save yourself from work burnout syndrome.

You’d be surprised to know that many companies have introduced “dedicated time slots” especially to games. During which, you can either relax sit on a couch or play your favorite video game to pump up your mood. You can also use this powerful machine with the help of physical sports activities such as football, badminton, and cricket.

Employee satisfaction can be increased if you introduce games at work. You can even introduce some “game break “of not more 15min. Yes, and the 15min magic will help your employees to stay upbeat throughout the day.

5 ways games can increase employee productivity

1- Games bring a sense of joy to the company culture. It means that the work time becomes more enjoyable for all the employees. If you are looking for fun activities for employees, introduce fun activities at the office within assigned break time.

2- All that pent up stress to meet client deadlines and updates received from the boss. It can really stress the employees out. Scientists suggest that games can release that stress to work more efficiently. Goodbye Monday Blues!

3- It is an amazing solution to help with lack of motivation. Encourage your workforce to play games to help them boost personal productivity. This will also bring a sense of loyalty to your employees, as you are showing concern for their well-being. (Here we come Xbox and Foosball!)

4- Achieve a greater work amount by allowing short breaks to your employees. Well, it turns out physical exertion can help the brain to become stronger, bring out new ideas, and yes helps with memory and retention. Now, isn’t that something?

5 ways games can increase employee productivity

5- Do you know? Millennial employees and workers are more inclined and attracted to games. Yes, and you can use this opportunity to create more engagement and stronger work relationships between the different teams. It has proven that games at work can create empathy between employees.

There are many incredible ways to create more fun activities and games at work so that your employees don’t feel that they are trapped in some prison all day long.

In addition to this, if you are working in a company, as an employee you can put these suggestions on the table. Isn’t this a unique idea to enhance productivity level?

Make your brain faster and happier with games

Yes, it’s not a mystery that if you play games, it releases a chemical called dopamine. That automatically excites you in a happy way. It is suggested that your behavior and mood become more positive and happy. Your focus tends to increase, so your work productivity will increase tenfold.

So if you are looking for fun games for employees? There are many companies that are working to create more productivity games specially developed for their own employees.

I mean those of us, who want to burn some calories can end up playing some badminton. What about those looking for some adventure with the assassin’s creed?

Since we are already on the topic of games. Do you know? You can hire your game app developer or better yet dedicated game development team to transform your idea into reality.