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The Things nobody tells you about Working Remotely

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Do you know IBM was the first company to introduce remote working? Since then many companies started adopting this trend especially the idea of remote work became popular. The shift from traditional workplaces and offices to working remotely has opened up new opportunities.

All the fuss about Modern convenience-Remote Work

The buzz surrounding remote work suggests that remote work is basically how modern workspaces and work culture has evolved for better. Working remotely enables you to build a phenomenal team. Employees are excited about work from home, but many employers still need some convincing. If you are someone looking to hire a remote developer or a remote team. You can find amazing benefits that involve remote work.

In this article, we have used some of the experiences and observations while working remotely. It is aimed to convey that remote work is a very progressive approach for a more productive and better future. If you think otherwise, hold on a little while. Let us walk you through the advantages that you can leverage if you allow your employees to work remotely.

The New Age of remote working

Why do you need to hire a remote working team? The answer is simple, you have many options to create a diverse work culture with people from all around the world. This provides you with the window to find the most suitable team that fits your budget and business nature. Workplace flexibility adds a significant value to your organization by saving you many resources.

With remote work on the horizon and nomad culture, we have so much on our plate at the moment. Recent surveys revealed that employee engagement increased and so did the work productivity.

6 Advantages of working remotely

You can have a competitive advantage over market competitors with the incredible benefits of remote working.

  1. Many employees felt that their physical and mental health improved because they were working on their own schedule. Cutting off on commute helps employees to focus more on work and healthy activities.
  2. More productivity with remote work also includes putting in extra hours. That also helps in turning in the tasks before the deadlines that include greater flexibility, better quality, and a smarter work pace.
  3. You can get cost-effective solutions when it comes to hiring a remote team or remote workforce. You can save up on workspace, phone bills, office supplies other extra costs.
  4. Working remotely helps in environmental sustainability. You get to play an active role in cutting carbon footprints, reducing electricity usage, reducing pollution. You can spend that money to create more benefits for employees and attract the best team.
  5. You can leverage technological tools, project management tools, and conferencing tools to engage and manage your team. You can use these platforms and software systems to keep your team on the same page.
  6. A centralized virtual work environment that not only keeps the organization connected but also allows you to work at a global level. Imagine sitting in Barbados, as you have a remote team working for you all over the world.

The Future of Remote Work – Hire your Dream Team

Many big tech companies like Google and Facebook have allowed their employees to work remotely. Do you know? Almost 60% of the jobs have been shifted to remote working in San Francisco.

The revolution of remote work is here to stay, so you better start growing and evolving with it. Hire the developers of your choice now from the world’s top 1%! Moreover, you can even build your own personalized video conferencing tools for your virtual team and remote employees.

Do you consider remote work is the future? Please feel absolutely free to share your comments with us.

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