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A look into the Extended Reality

  • Post published:August 12, 2020

It’s been more than 50-years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon, yet people don’t believe if the landing happened or not. But you can go to the moon all while sitting in the comfort of your home, this is made possible by extended reality — the next evolution in human-computer and environment interaction.

Understanding Extended Reality

Extended Reality technology or XR is revolutionizing the present and the future. It is a blanket term for all physical and virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions.

Just imagine you might be able to buy a house anywhere in the world while sitting at your home or office with the help of XR. You can visit your friends living in any country while you’re enjoying your morning coffee in Turkey. It feels solid, it makes sense.

As per Statistica, the market for extended reality is progressing, valuing it at over 18 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. A report came out in 2019 representing the business use of extended reality, globally. It said that in 2023, 35 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on extended reality by the manufacturing and construction industries, alone.

This enormous growth will determine how you will live your work and private lives in 2023 onwards.

Technologies that fall under Extended Reality

The three mind-blowing technologies that come under the umbrella of extended reality are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. All together these three are called Immersive Technologies.

Technologies that fall under Extended Reality

There is involved 26% of Mixed Reality aka Hybrid Reality that combines the real and the virtual world, 38% of Virtual Reality that gives you a 360-degree-review of the virtual world, and 36% of Augmented Reality that displays computer-generated graphics.

Let’s study them one by one:

Augmented Reality (AR) defined

Picture yourself sitting in your car, you see a map of the whole city on the windshield, you choose your desired destination, and you’re good to go. That is an in-vehicle navigation display system, a simulated Augmented Reality explanation.

To explain the example, Augmented reality places digital objects are Holograms as if they are really there. You can not directly interact with these digital objects but they can teach you or help you.

” …and this is where the magic happens.”

Virtual Reality (VR) explained

Envision a world where you can travel anywhere at the speed of thought; even going to the space to fight alien hunters like a Predator. It’s not imagination, its VR.

Did you ever think of giving a VR interview? How cool would it be to wear a headset and enjoy the hiring procedure that is usually very boring? Well, BetterCloud did think of it. They designed 360-degree videos with the assistance of an internal application and turned it into an interactive user experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality uses headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive etc. to fully-immerse you in a computer-simulated reality. This is how you ignore the outside world and feel like what you are seeing is the actual reality.

“Don’t get lost in Virtual Reality. Remember you can unplug at any time.”

Mixed Reality (MR) described

MR is the combination of the real and the virtual world to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects exist together and interact in real-time. It works in combination with virtual reality – it is a hybrid of both two; physical or virtual.

Today, interior companies are using MR to attract their potential customers such as the use of an XR app can tell how a new sofa and in what shape or color would look good in your lounge. The best example of MR can be Microsoft Hololens which is just a pair of MR smart glasses that allow you to experience 3D holograms that blend seamlessly into the real environment.

Only the use of bare hands can get you the information you need.

“This is similar to dreaming with your eyes open.”

Powerful real-time involvements of Mixed Reality in Business

Mixed Reality and the Entertainment Industry

Mixed reality is fulfilling its mission of turning it possible for you to get fully immersed in the world of leisure. VR video gaming can be a very basic example to start with but you have now VR cinemas, AR amusement parks where you interact with unique species that you may never see in the real world.

There are 5k resolution VR tv sets available in the market, new theatre experiences are blurring the lines between reality and computerized worlds. From augmented reality zoos to linked virtual reality live performances. Even the virtual reality Olympics match is becoming all the rage.

Mixed reality has so much to offer to this industry.

Mixed Reality and the healthcare world

Believe it or not, doctors can view every single movement of your heart without getting inside your body using a headset controller. They can navigate human anatomy thru Virtual and Mixed Reality. It can provide medical training in procedures, techniques, and best use of equipment, as well as simulate patient’s interactions.

Augmented reality is aiding health-care providers to allow practitioners to fully control a simulated environment and behave like a real-time doctor or surgeon. Not confined to just this but this reality is helping the medical field to plan each step.

Mixed Reality and the Marketing Business

MR is undoubtedly the most fast-paced market. The Audi Quattro Coaster AR app lets you virtually build a track to drive on Audi Quattro. Just picture that babe driving in your living room.

The retail giant Amazon launched its own internet ‘think inside the box’ set-up box. It tells you if the item inside the box is a harmful object or not. You can see what’s inside it with a scan.


id you ever notice that these realities have a close connection with our five senses? They all focus on what is being seen, heard, felt, and the most amazing smell and taste. Very few tech companies are seen working on giving a simulated sense of smell and taste. But soon it will be made a reality too!