How is the use of technology in the restaurant industry useful?

Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry: Types and Importance

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How can technology in the foodservice industry be impactful? Don’t you think that restaurants have become convenient over the past decades? It is because technology helps the industry. It keeps its stock levels accurate, keeps the inventory arranged efficiently, and leads with greater accuracy. It has introduced modern solutions in picking up orders or delivering to you. Now that the …

Female computer scientists who changed the world

The Role of Women in Creating Modern Computers

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Do you also think that computer science is not a field for females? You might want to change your outlook on this. We all have faced a common stereotype that coding and software development is not ladies’ stuff. But, history has retaliated and provided solid testimonies against the role of females in the development of computers. Let’s talk about our …

Click Here to Know About Food Delivery App Development!

Food Delivery App Development: From Inception to Deployment

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Isn’t it amazing to have your food quickly delivered to your doorstep? Rather than visiting the restaurant yourself, you only have to browse through some on your phone, tap on the one you like, and voila, the food is in front of you. It sometimes feels like ordering food from home has become more public than sitting and enjoying it …

Tactile Virtual Reality A Stimulation of Touch

Exploring The Tactile VR: A newest Virtual Reality (VR) Interface

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Working abroad is a transformative experience, but living in a foreign country where there is no sense of familiarity can sometimes make you feel homesick. To overcome this feeling of loneliness, tactile virtual reality is what you need. Do you know about virtual reality technology? Have you ever gotten a chance to play Beat Saber on PlayStation VR? Put simply, …

A Look into the Recruitment Process at Nextbridge

The Process of Hiring Experts at Nextbridge

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How effective is your recruitment process? The recruitment and selection process is a central role for the Human Resource division. It is a method that includes everything from classifying, captivating, selecting, shortlisting, interviewing, picking, hiring, and onboarding individuals. The hiring team can be huge or petty subject to the size of your company. But, in smaller businesses, hiring is usually …

What are the roles of LMS interface design and LMS user experience?

Importance of LMS Interface Design and LMS User Experience

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Are you planning to train your employees through a learning management system? Are you exploring the liabilities of LMS interface design and LMS user experience? There are a variety of solutions available in the market with different user experiences. Let’s explore some of those together today! Are you planning to evaluate your current platform’s user experience? Read this article as …