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CS vs MIS. Which Is Better and Why? – Nextbridge

  • Post published:June 8, 2023

Computer science vs Management information systems, CS vs MIS, are two fields of the same category but they are in reality different from each other. Because they are related to computer science, they are often confused with one another. In this article, we will discuss major differences and similarities between the two. And help you understand which one is better and why you should choose one over the other as your working field. 

Computer science is a field where one has to focus on understanding the working of a computer and how to write code that helps accomplish the required goals. CS revolves around algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and now artificial intelligence and machine learning are also added. In CS one could be developing various types of application software from mobile applications to websites, from security applications to desktop and artificial intelligence software. 

MIS, conversely, is an applied field which has its prime focus on how information is spread and the use of IT to solve business related problems. Where CS focuses on data structure, programming languages, etc. MIS is focused around topics like systems analysis, information security, and database management.

However, along with the differences they also share similarities. That is, both CS and MIS require problem-solving and analytical skills. They require working with the database. Both of them would involve working with computers and software.

Following we have discussed the differences and similarities between MIS vs computer science in detail. We hope that this blog will help you make an informed decision about which field to pursue.

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a field that deals with the collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination of information to help managers make better decisions. MIS programs focus on information architecture, database design, and systems analysis. They also build software engineering skills, which are useful for developing and maintaining information systems.

MIS is a major component of modern business analysis. Businesses need to collect and analyze data in order to make informed decisions. MIS professionals help businesses do this by designing and developing information systems that collect, store, and analyze data. They also develop software applications that help businesses use information to make better decisions.

MIS is a growing field with many career opportunities. MIS professionals can work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. They can also work for government agencies or non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in a career in MIS, you should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. You should also be able to think critically and be able to work independently.

Let us study in detail both MIS and CS.

Management Information Systems (MIS)  

The business application

MIS is more on the application of business and how to solve problems. The aim is to solve internal and external problems to grow businesses. MIS combines the management with business giving the people cross-functional expertise. 

Management Information Systems is more application-oriented than Computer Science, focusing on solution delivery and implementation. Apart from that the focus is also on accounting.

computer science vs management information systems

Area of study

If you are planning on pursuing management information systems degree program then following are the fields of study you would be going to learn. Information structure, database design, project management, business data, information technology, security, and systems analysis will be the focus subjects.

You will be learning how people interact with systems. How the information is provided across systems and how it can be kept safe and secure. And, how to improve the company’s performance. In easy terms, one could say that monitoring operations, improving efficiency and providing security are the work responsibilities and what you will be learning as an MIS major professional. 

Career options for MIS

As an MIS professional following are the career options that one could adopt.

Information Security Analyst

Role of an information security analyst is to protect the business by detecting and preventing cyber threats. For the safety of the company and data and private information.

Database Administrator

As a database administrator you will be responsible for overseeing everything related to the company’s database. That includes performance checks, backups, protecting it from threats, performing updates, and maintaining the database for successful and smooth business running. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

MIS professionals can also switch to computer hardware engineering. Here they can further shift to either research, designs, repairs and updates, or physical hardware that is needed for computers and devices to operate.

Software Engineer

One of the options on the plate is software engineering as well. Where they will be developing new software and updating old software used on computers and other devices.

Management information system degree salary ranges from 40K to 70K per month depending on the experience and knowledge.

Computer Science (CS)

The technology application 

On the other hand, Computer Science is a bit on the technical side and thus the CS professionals are focused on gaining and practicing technical skills. This mainly includes writing and creating new programs that help humans achieve some end goal. They have to understand the business requirements, think of the behind the scene logic, create the software and also deploy it. This includes working with databases, writing database queries, developing a user interface, developing a backend code that interacts the user interface with the database, and deployment of software on the server. Coding, math, operating systems, database systems, and programming languages, and probability are main subject topics that CS graduates will learn.

computer science

Main areas of study

The major difference when it comes to management information systems vs computer science study is the curriculum. The CS curriculum covers software development and understanding, programming, algorithms, numerical analysis, and data structures. Understanding and developing the design and development of software that is reliable as well as efficient fulfills the requirements.

When it comes to business needs, computer science vs management information systems differ in how they study and apply business information to operations? CS professionals learn how technology meets businesses needs through various business objectives. Thus, their job becomes to optimize the need and optimize the program to ensure it works effectively giving required results. 

Careers in Computer Science 

Software Developer

A software developer designs the software, writes the code, deploys the software, and maintains and updates the software when required. 

Programmer Analyst

A Programmer Analyst’s job is to analyze problems in already built software, find issues which can range from performance to scalability issues and report the problems. Then the software developer does the required changes. 

Web Developer

A CS professional that writes code for web applications is a web developer. Writing code ranges from developing database, user interface, to backend code that is the functionality of the website. 

App Developer

A CS professional that writes code for mobile, desktop, or dedicated systems is an application developer. It could be for android, iOS, desktop systems (windows, linux, iOS, etc.) or for dedicated systems.

Which one is made for you? 

The increasing prevalence of technology has led to a high demand for IT positions. The Computer Science and IT industry is expected to grow by 13% by 2026. Both Management Information Systems (MIS) and Computer Science are related to technology, but they have different focuses. MIS is more focused on business intelligence, computer systems, and interpersonal skills, while Computer Science is more focused on programming and new technologies.