Top IT Jobs that Require No Coding

Jobs without coding? Do you want to work in technology without coding? If you seek involvement in the growing tech and your coding skills are lacking, worry not! Not all tech jobs require super programming skills, there are lucrative careers…

Use of Technology in The Restaurant Industry: Types and Importance

How can technology in the foodservice industry be impactful? Don’t you think that restaurants have become convenient over the past decades? It is because technology helps the industry. It keeps its stock levels accurate, keeps the inventory arranged efficiently, and…

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Best AI Marketing Tools A Marketer Needs in 2023!

Although the scope of AI is vast, as the Head of Telenor Research and Innovation, leva Martinkenaite, yet, AI must not discriminate. It should be explainable and involve humans. But the question is, will AI marketing strategies be better than…

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  • Post published:October 10, 2023

Choose The Right Paradigm; Procedural vs. Object-Oriented Programming?

Programming languages function as a guideline for a computer, giving it all the operational instructions. Meanwhile, it also ensures that a computer properly understands the codes and executes them accordingly. There are multiple methods an expert can adopt to make…

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  • Post published:September 22, 2023

What is DOM Manipulation

DOM is an acronym for Document Object Model, commonly used in web development. DOM manipulation is the process of using JavaScript to add, remove, and modify elements of a website. It is a very common practice and a crucial part…

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  • Post published:September 21, 2023

What is The Best Practice to Learn How to Normalize A Vector?

Vector plays a significant role in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, and machine learning. The reason is that it represents quantities and directions to formulate an agile and dynamic structure. Normalizing a vector is a fundamental operation that…

The Clock is Ticking: Prepare for PHP 7.4 EOL

The tech world is changing in a 360 direction with each year, month, and even week. We get to see a breakthrough in less than a year now and most of them get successful by adding efficiency to the existing…

CS vs MIS. Which Is Better and Why? – Nextbridge

Computer science vs Management information systems, CS vs MIS, are two fields of the same category but they are in reality different from each other. Because they are related to computer science, they are often confused with one another. In…

The Synergy of AI and VR: Revolutionizing Immersive Experience

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies has sparked a revolution in the realm of immersive experiences. By combining the computational power and intelligence of AI with the immersive environments of VR, a whole new world…

Hot PHP Web Development Trends for 2023

In the world of all things web, it is difficult for businesses to keep up with the market trends. Mainly, because the world of PHP web development is always changing. However, if you have to excel as a business and outshine competitors, keeping up with the trends in web development is crucial. PHP is by far the most popular and commonly used programming language for web development.

What is a taint analysis & how to protect Php with it?

Taint analysis is a process used to identify the user input flow through an information security platform system to understand its design’s security implications. This analysis aims to make PHP secure by alleviating risks like SQL injection which occurs when the program’s other parts utilize user input without proper clearance.