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Go Programming Language – Making a Mark!

  • Post published:June 9, 2021

In the marathon of popularity, Go coding language has made it to the 17th spot, from 67th and that too merely in two years! The sudden rise of Golang has taken many by surprise.

Go programming language was created by Google employees when they felt the need for a compiled solution that would offer multithreading and efficient performance. While other languages like Java and C are the dominant ones, there was still a need for a better-suited language for state-of-the-art systems.

But what is the reason behind its exponential growth in popularity? Why are developers around the globe getting obsessed with Golang?

We’ll discuss this in detail.

A little Introduction First…

Golang, or more commonly called Go, is an open-source, procedural programming language. It was launched by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2009. Developers opine that Go coding language is easy to learn and read. It is a compiled language that compiles large programs in seconds.

Why Go Programming Language is the Next Best Thing?

Wondering why Go is skyrocketing in popularity? Let’s discuss its whole set of benefits for the developers.

Why Go Programming Language is the Next Best Thing?

Highly Convenient

Go coding language offers such convenience that it fulfils overall programming needs. There are numerous, unique features like goroutines for concurrency that allow several operations to run simultaneously. You can also find standard capabilities in the Go library packages.

Go does an amazing job in executing automatic memory management—garbage collection, for instance. Furthermore, it compiles at a remarkable speed that gives a feel of scripting language instead of a compiled language.

Reliably Fast

Go programming language is really fast since it is compiled into machine code. The process of compiling is quite fast as compared to other languages—API compilation takes seconds—and the resultant binary is small.

As a matter of fact, other famous languages like Java and C++ give a slow compilation speed. Go, on the other hand, has a much faster compile time. Overall, its static types and effective garbage collection makes it stand out more than the rest.

Strong Support

The toolchain of Go is readily available on Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is also included by default in Linux Distribution. This allows Go code to be easily deployed on many platforms.

Strong Support of Go Programming Language

Go programming language is supported by Google which enables fast and reliable development. Furthermore, it has great support for plenty of tools for basic needs. Overall, it has an impressive ecosystem as compared to other newly introduced languages.

The Language of Today

The concept behind the introduction of the Go Programming language was to build it according to the standards of new technology. It is utilized for most of the technologies that developers use nowadays and the development of applications—cloud-native development, distributed network systems, and utility tools.

It is not wrong to say that it does a good job of addressing the shortcomings of the already-existing languages. Go can be termed as a default language that balances its usability between systems and developers.

Projects that Use Go Programming Language!

Media Platforms

Popular media sites like Netflix and Youtube have opted for the Go language due to its ability to manage high load.

Cloud Services

Google itself uses this language to offer cloud infrastructure. Other prominent cloud businesses include Dropbox, Docker, and Kubernetes.

News Outlets

It will come as a surprise that in 2012, the BBC started using the Go programming language for its backend operations.

Go – The Language of the Future

In a nutshell, Go language can be categorized as the language with the right qualities of concurrency, simplicity, reliability, speed, and safety. Its popularity is skyrocketing with modern technologies which are the future.

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