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AI & Weather Forecasting – The Likeliest Match

  • Post published:March 17, 2021

Is weather forecasting using artificial intelligence possible? It is not only possible but the fact is that AI is used in artificial intelligence all over the world. To be honest, it makes perfect sense for Artificial Intelligence to be used in predicting weather forecasts as it has all the tools needed to do that.

weather forecasting using Artificial Intelligence

With the advancement of AI in nearly all sectors; the technology is being used to get the most business value out of AI solutions. Weather forecasting has been using Artificial Intelligence for years but things are drastically changing for the better. It makes perfect sense to use AI for the prediction of weather and climate changes because we can use and analyze heaps of data.

Weather Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence:

weather forecasting using Artificial Intelligence utilizes high-performance computers and heaps of data to analyze and predict weather changes. We like to refer to this combination as a predictive technology because it can change the way we avoid disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes. Experts suggest that by using predictive technology they can actually predict weather changes for the next 100 years. And if we do that, we can avoid major disasters and in turn save lives.

weather forecasting using Artificial Intelligence

Sue Ellen Haupt at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) claims:

“Weather forecasting using artificial intelligence isn’t new, but the push to use it more and to use it differently is new. We’re beginning to use AI to determine what storms will have extreme events, like hail or tornadoes. We might be able to get more than a few minutes’ warning. We hope to maybe even get hours. AI is going to be the key to better forecasting.”

Sue Ellen Haupt

Artificial Intelligence when paired with Machine Learning, neural networks, and deep learning can lead towards improvements that might define our history on how we can predict weather forecasting. Scientists are looking at predictive patterns and using tons of data to find out combinations which can lead towards accurate predictions. It is true that AI is currently being used in similar areas but the fact is that with the help of machine learning, neural networks and deep learning, the prediction factor can get very precise.

Predicting Hail Storms & Rains:

One of the breakthroughs in weather forecasting using artificial intelligence is when neural networks would be able to predict hail storms. According to estimates, hailstorms that fall at a speed of 120 miles per hour, incur damages mounting up to $10 billion. If AI can effectively predict hail storms then these damages can be significantly avoided.

Predicting Hail Storms & Rains

The technology of predicting hail storms is based on machine learning and it works on the basis of basic machine learning models. Machine learning uses pieces of information in huge data sets to find a pattern. Once a pattern is located, the prediction for a hail storm is made. The system can even predict if the hailstorm is large or small.

Rainfall is another aspect that is predicted through Artificial Intelligence. Excessive rainfall also contribute towards damages that must be eradicated and with the help of AI based prediction models, rainfall can be predicted quite accurately. Some models for measuring and predicting rain includes Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). These models are quite powerful and can change the way rainfall has been predicted and can further be predicted.

In a Nutshell:

AI and weather forecasting have always had a relationship with each other. However, there are so many things in forecasting that are still to be explored including accurate predictability when it comes to avoiding hail storms or drastic climate changes. The possibilities of AI with weather forecasting are unlimited and we’ve just started to discover the possibilities.