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Workplace Culture Part I – Fostering Creativity in Workplace

  • Post published:October 16, 2020

Are you looking for ways to bring creativity in workplace? You’re at the right place!

Let’s start with a question!

Have you ever had the chance to work in a corporate setting? Workplaces can be quite a nuisance and employees can feel the heat at all times.


The daily routine gets to you. We all have a breaking point and when it comes to workplaces we often see that people can get worn out. A stagnant routine can make the job dull and the fact is it can affect your performance. This where you need creativity in a workplace.

Why is Fostering Creativity important in Workplace?

Creativity is essentially in all of us to some extent. No person is born without creativity and there’s always a little spark that can ignite things. However, why is creativity important in the workplace? We always take about aspects such as productivity, skill development, and professionalism but the creative angle is never discussed. Here are some of the reasons why and how you can foster creativity in workplace:

1- Collaborations can lead to New Ideas:

Collaborations within a workplace do happen but it’s mostly because they are needed. Remove the equation of need and there aren’t a lot of workplaces that focus on collaboration between individuals. Collaboration between two individuals alone can totally change the way a project is approached. Firstly, you’re getting two brains on a single project and this essentially means that two approaches. The two individuals will work around the project and would be forced to find a route that agrees to both their criterion. This is one of the approaches towards creating an environment where creativity can shine.

2- Play Time & Creativity in Workplace:


One of the best ways you can engage your employees is by dedicating a bit of time towards play. We have all heard that famous quote;

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Well, that’s exactly what your employees might be going through if there’s no creativity in workplace. Play time events can be conducted once a month where you can have different kinds of activities that are fun and engaging. They can be a little challenging so that you can instill problem-solving and get that cognition going. These kinds of activities can look like a hassle and useless but can really get those creative juices going!

3- Engage the Employees with Each Other:

Once in a while, you can have social gatherings where your employees can discuss their lives and not their work. In most workplaces, there isn’t exactly a friendly environment in the sense that employees at times barely know each other. We can’t blame them simply because of the fact that they’re at work and they don’t have the time to socialize. Engaging employees with each other is one of the best ways you can bring creativity in workplace. Why you should do this? Well, if the employees know each other, collaborations would be easier and productive.


4- Office Design Matters:

Creativity in workplace can be garnished in a wide range of ways. One of the ways is to create a workspace that screams creative imagination. The best part is you don’t even have to do anything, just let your employees figure it out on how they can personalize their own space. They can add pictures, items and even write down quotations if they want so that they can feel connected with the place they are working at. If you really want to help them out, you can add some mosaic wallpapers on your room’s floor or maybe add a few bean bags. It’s a small investment but will totally ramp up productivity. Try it for yourself and see the difference!

5- Freedom & Flexibility:

It really is about how much freedom and flexibility you can provide in an environment. The truth is that when an employee is able to have some form of freedom and flexibility in his roles then he can really get those creative juices flowing. The path to success doesn’t necessarily lie in having an environment that is solely made for work purposes. Some form of recreation like table tennis, flexible timing schedule, and a thumbs up meal can go a long way. Let them talk about different ideas like Blockchain, robots or even yoga. This is how you get a creative mindset.


6- Let them Self Reflect:

Self-reflection is something you have to push in your employees. From time to time, highlight their achievements and let them know you value their efforts. This will naturally put them in a positive frame of thought because everybody loves appreciation. You might be wondering where does creativity come in all this? Well, once your employees start self-reflection, you’ll see that they will bring more ideas and refined ones.

7- Build a Custom App for your Company:

One of the ways you can engage your employees and churn out a creative spirit is through building an app that’s available for everyone. Enterprise and employee engagement apps are coming quite popular and their efficacy can’t be denied. It’s a great way to engage your employees for discussion, entertainment, and even leisure. If you’re looking to get an application developed then don’t forget to check in with us!

Fostering creativity in workplace is important for a wide range of reasons. The first and foremost is that it offers an escape from the daily routine. A small event here and there will go a long way in terms of getting creativity in workplace.