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Is there an afterlife for your Gadgets (laptops, mobile phones)?

  • Post published:July 9, 2020

We know that gadgets and devices come with certain age and lifecycle. The world has this balancing act that everything disappears after its “time” is over. It is also applied to tangible non-living things because we are always using them.

You’d be surprised to know that your mobile phone comes with “never-ending death.” Yes, it’s true that even though you are thinking to get a new cell phone because the last one stopped working. Guess, what? It may stop working, but it never dies.

What are the ways to recycle my old Gadgets?

We can’t deny the fact that no matter how many new and advanced gadgets we get. The trash is also accumulating, because all of us deal with, “how to get rid of old gadget?” Every day something new comes in the market such as computers, smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices, and smartwatches.

As a whole, the world needs smart gadgets, that will have inbuilt features and we can add-on to those features. Whereas, there are many ways to dispose of old gadgets and recycle them. We won’t get into the technicalities of things, but as we have done some research. So we are sharing numerous possibilities to not dump our gadgets into the trash, but use them for betterment or donate them.

Top Ways to recycle your old Gadgets

If you are looking to do some good with the gold gadgets, that are doing nothing but carrying the space in your storeroom.

Here are some ways to reuse or recycle gadgets, and you can choose the one that suits you.

  • The best and the easiest way is to sell your old gadgets. You can sell it to your friends, acquaintances or on the internet. There are websites, which buy old gadgets and you can get a really good price for that. But, don’t forget to uninstall apps, clean your data space, and reset the factory.
  • One of the best ways to dispose of your mobile phones, laptops, computers, subs, keyboards, and webcams is to give it to charity organizations.
  • There are many non-profit organizations that are operating to collect all these gadgets and devices They deliver it to developing countries and deserving students, who can utilize these gadgets for tech education. Your something used might end up helping someone in the longer run.
  • There are many cool ways to repurpose your used devices and old gadgets. Even if the gadgets do not offer you any monetary value, you can always remake something of value from them. You can turn them into decorations pieces art, or even jewelry. Might want to check out Pinterest for such creative ideas. This is making “green tech aficionado” in me very happy at the moment.
  • This is really putting the “afterlife” notion to reality. I mean who knew that your old gadgets can come back in an alternative form. Before we only had this idea to make bracelets with computer chips and USBs.
computer chip
  • But gadgets are now being recycled properly in factories. It’s not just limited to plastics, aluminum, and glass-based items, but they are being recycled in a proper manufacturing way.
  • Many big companies have started this initiative to recycle gadgets such as big names like Apple and Samsung.
  • A fun fact, they are calling the recycled devices “green gadgets.” Well see for yourself, technology really is a fuel for life. We would be looking at the world with our green sunnies from now onwards.
recycle gadgets
  • Do you know? You can make a fish tank or aquarium with an old computer of yours. yes, we are 100% serious and the creativity leaves us speechless. See for yourself! ( Amusing, isn’t it?)
old computer
  • Old gadgets are also collected and stored in labs for study purposes. Therefore we suggested donating earlier so that we can make something better out of the “clutter.” Maybe we will be able to invent gadgets, that we can continue to use and reuse with new changes instead of replacing every now and then. That will save us a lot of energy resources and help us lessen the pollution because of e-waste.

Wrap up the gadgets story

What is really amusing is the fact some people like hoarding unique and innovative stuff like gadgets in every form and type. So, maybe in the next 20 years, they can flaunt it as a cool antique piece. So which way are you going to choose?

As for as, the answer to this topic is concerned, it is yes, there is an afterlife for your old gadgets. But, it depends on you that whichever way you use to recycle or reinvent the gadget in a new form, whether it stays with you or not.

However, the most important benefit that we get out of it is. You can play a significant part to reduce “e-waste.” On that note, we would like to share a piece of information that China is one of the leading countries to recycle and reuse old gadgets. So, we are hoping for a greener world and green economy that will lessen the e-waste dumping, reduce carbon footprints, and eliminate environmental hazards.

So, if you’d like to share some green tech ideas or any better way to recycle old gadgets. Please feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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