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What is all the Buzz About Data Robots?

  • Post published:January 27, 2021

Go back and think about the last time, when you’d had piles of data and wished for data robots to help you magically sort it out. Advanced data robotics is no magic, but it uses the most latest technology at its disposal to build smart solutions that offer:

  • Affordability
  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • 100% Security

They are powerful enough to do it all and more.

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We all have been there to wish for automation of tasks that take hours and hours not only draining us but also increasing the risk of error especially when it concerns a sensitive and critical amount of data. But robot automation came into being when some smart people predicted that as we proceed the data will keep on increasing. Hence, there was a proposition that the data that would take 10 years to process can be easily collected and processed within weeks using data robotics. Isn’t this remarkable?

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Well, let’s find out what is all the fuss about.

Data Robots- Channelize the Force to your Advantage

Data Robotics can be simply defined as, ‘Robots that are driven by data and use technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics to automate workflow and optimize organizational processes.’ However, the two major frameworks that stand out in the market include:

  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  2. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

With the explosion of so much data in the world, it has become crucial to streamline the data, process it, optimize it, and create a streamlined process for it. It has been proven lately that to cater to such an amount of data is humanly impossible.

Therefore, we need help from data robotics to create tech-led solutions. Moreover, the recent global landscape suggests that there is just a lot of data that needs to be managed and optimized at a much faster rate. For instance, online businesses need to learn consumer behavior, online consumer interests, and to analyze the insights driven from data, we need machine learning algorithms to help us out.

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Marketing Automation with advance data robots – For instance, even if you have a digital marketing firm to offer service, you’d still need data to run the campaigns that are in the pipeline. It involves collecting data, gathering to measure, processing, and predicting the data insights to run your ad campaigns. It’s called marketing automation, but it’s not just it, it involves a lot of sales and marketing data.


But you get the gist, right? Because, data robots use machine learning algorithms to extract the data, and analyze it to drive predictions and valuable insights. These insights can help you determine your business needs and drive more conversions. Instead of having a team of 10 people to oversee this, you can build your automation software or a data system to run these predictive models.

Even if you still have some questions, let’s find more about what data robots can do for us.

Rise to Power – Leverage Data Robots to Take your Business SkyHigh

DataRobotics is a field, but DataRobot is a Boston-based startup that empowers companies to build their own artificial intelligence solutions. They claim that you can use machine learning and predictive models without any extra programming to process and utilize your data in order to generate value. So basically, all these major enterprises and companies will have solutions of their own. You’d be surprised to know that Lenovo used this technology to driven insights about retail demand in its targeted region Brazil. Now, this is a great practical example to showcase the value of data robots.

Anyways it involves the use of artificial intelligence on a large scale.

Let’s explore more!

  • After careful market research, it is revealed that data robots are using machine learning for predictive models. Tensorflow is also a popular choice, which is an open-source machine learning library. It is mainly being used for a bigger level and enterprise-level data management in order to optimize and automate business workflow.
  • You can automate your systems at work by using data science and deep learning models with help of data robots without having to rely on numerous data scientists or data engineers. A faster and more accurate workflow to achieve value, ease, and scalability.
  • You can achieve data predictions faster and in a more accurate way by using advanced predictive analytics and well you can just build your own software system for that. You can hire AI engineers to help you get started.
  • Have you ever faced delay and frustration when a data report was late? Well, now you can avoid the hassle with faster delivery of accurate data insights.
  • You get to control and power over the insights and run predictive models all by yourself or with help of your designated expert data engineer to meet your business needs. So it’s no more a matter of quantity, it’s the quality.
  • You can also solve the riddle in case the data is accurate or it has some probability of error. Well with data robotics you can just use powerful machine learning algorithms to deliver 100% accurate predictions. It’s like adding input in form of data and receiving valuable information as a result of output.

It’s like automating your whole life. But how do you get started?

Well, move along – because we are not done yet.

Data Robots- Automate your Life and Work Instantly

Since we are on the topic of automation and automating tedious tasks using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Robotics. We wanted to ask you, do you want to automate something at work? Advanced data robotics maybe be moving at its own pace, and it’s already making a wave. So no more wishing for a sci-fi plot to come true because data robotics is the present and future whether it’s handling marketing data or the finances.

Imagine having a Personal R2D2, wouldn’t that be incredible? Technology is helping us unveil the wonders that humans can do with tech.

Data Robots- Automate your Life and Work Instantly

It’s amazing that data robots are said to be the most secure when it comes to storing data because you’ll always have a backup of your backup and never fear losing your data. You would be able to access it, process, and store more data.

If you are interested to build something interesting, well let’s set up a zoom call with our expert AI developers.

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