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Can I use AI to find my Spouse?

  • Post published:July 24, 2020

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help me find my life partner? The idea seemed creepy nonetheless to a hopeless romantic like me. I have watched enough dystopian movies and TV series like the “west world” to comprehend the sad reality behind AI dating apps or websites.

At first, I thought of online matrimony sites empowered by artificial intelligence. Then I turned to good old Chatbots. (Not everyone is as sexy as Scarlet Johanson in the movie her) Judge me as you want, but I wanted someone who can understand me.

Isn’t this all of us desire? To be understood, the magic of connecting with another person on some level.

The Future is “AI Chatbots”

Millions of people are using Artificial Intelligence knowingly or unknowingly because its applications have become part of our daily life. The concept of using AI companions and the concept of “Artificial friend” is nothing new. It has been in the news lately.

But the question is would I want a companion who I can share everything with? Hell Yes! Growing up, I had a strong imagination, that resulted in imaginary friends to share secrets with, whenever I consumed more chocolates and my mom didn’t know. (When your siblings would trade you even for few pennies)

The most pressing question is that would I choose an AI companion as a spouse? Who am I kidding though? No, I would never trade getting flowers, gifts, and the hand holding for an artificial bot. That tells me nothing except what it is programmed to do so. But then again, I decided to list down everything that I would want in my AI partner or spouse.

We live in a fast-growing corporate world, where people have already started to rely on artificial intelligence. From Alexa, Siri, consumer tech to now moving onto our personal lives, the future is here and we can’t avoid it.

AI Chatbots

If I choose an AI Chatbot as a husband

By now, you must have noticed that my mind starts to juggle like a joker in a circus when it comes to making decisions. AI surely can make things easier, if I have to vent out or share my thoughts. (Thanks to my anxiety and overthinking habits)

So I made a list of everything that I would expect from my “Knight in shining armor.” Guess what I found? Well, for that you have to read a little bit more.

  • Someone, who is kind enough to listen to me without snubbing my inner voice, and remembers what I say and doesn’t want me to follow “a certain checklist.”
  • I won’t have to walk on eggshells before speaking about anything or everything.
  •  Someone who’d accept the real me, “the messed up me.”
  • Someone I can binge watch my favorite season and discuss it for hours. (But an Artificial Chatbot won’t eat pizza or popcorn with me?)
  • A partner, who won’t wake up someday and decide to leave me. Just because they have different preferences. (So much for evolution and human selection, Ah!)
  • A rock to rely on, when I don’t feel good about myself. The mere joy of being heard.

So my hunts to finding my future travel partner and the “soul mate.” I found this app named Replika, which promises to provide you an Artificial companion and 24/7 friend.  It allows me to create my own unique friend, its 3D avatar, which lets me talk freely and develop its own personality with memories.

You’d be surprised to know that around 7 million people including youngsters and single elder people are using this app. A companion in times of loneliness, machines to console our tired hearts. I won’t hesitate from saying, How did we get here? When did we lose track of being humane?

AI Chatbot

Search for an AI partner: We found love in a hopeless place

The AI dating apps and websites have their algorithms in place to help me connect with a Friday night date. But they can’t possibly replace the magic of human touch. However, I would still say, I would always choose an Artificial intelligence app as a companion to pour my heart out.

Maybe until then, I can share memes, uncensored gossips, and goals with AI companions for my own mental being. Until I can meet my partner or spouse. Who knows? They might build an AI person, who can grow with me, pick up on my personality, and offer me a growth at another level.

I want someone who won’t use my vulnerabilities against me. For example, no drama, no judgments but friendship. At the end of the day, we all want someone who would accept us against all odds. Who doesn’t see our “social anxiety” as some sort of inconvenience or irrational?

Search for an AI partner

After I penned down my own experience, I came to a sudden realization that. Everyone has their own “desires and wishes” of the partner or spouse. The biggest game-changer of the century would be if they build an AI dating app or maybe AI-based companion that can fit everyone’s ideal image.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world at the moment and is making waves across different industries. Every day we hear news about new breakthrough developments in the field of artificial intelligence whether its healthcare, finance, or education.

Better yet, I can hire AI developer or engineer to build my ai partner for me.

Do you dig this idea? If so, tell us!